Grab Bag: Cheap Games for after Christmas

So we all know how the day or two after Christmas, the local Gamestop or EB Games or other video game retailers will be packed with people with money to spend on new games with the money that they got for Christmas and buy the games that their parents didn’t get for them.  Well here is a list of games that you can get for cheap that most won’t be scrambling for as they look to buy some of the new and exciting games that have just released.

My top Grab Bag Games


1: The Bioshock Series

With the upcoming release of Bioshock Infinite in March, now would seem like a great time to do another playthrough of the first two games in the series.  Even though the second game was produced by a different company, playing both of the stories out would be something that you could do in preparation for the release of the next game.  Also, the first Bioshock was in itself a great single player game that makes buying both a worthy purchase.  All in all for the price of both, you can get a stellar game and a good game and play through the series.  Both Games will cost you approximately $25.



2: Gears of War, 1,2, and 3

Gears-of-War-2-Wallpaper-2-580x360Now, I have personally never played the GoW series, (Yes I know, shame on me) but the fact is that the first three games in the series are all pretty cheap.  You can get all three of these games for almost nothing when you think about it.  The three games which have been called some of the best in their class when it comes to third person shooters, will cost you, total, about $20.

3: Crackdown 1 and 2

The first Crackdown was the kind of game that people did not expect to be that great  because it was to hold the beta key for crackdown-727915Halo 3.  What turned out is that the game was very popular and fun as it took the character through an open world environment that had some rpg elements thrown in as players tried to maximize their different skills.  The game has a unique color and graphic set and it was fun to just mess around in the city.  The second game gives a lot of the same stuff as the first but adds in a few new elements without really adding anything to the story mode.  Both games will total under $20.



4: RTS fun

Now I know that gaming on a console can be a chore as the interfaces aren’t really built for consoles, but the benefit is, that us, the gamers, get cheap strategy games that are much more expensive on the PC compared to the ones that are available on Steam or through other downloads.  As an added bonus, the games are guaranteed to work on the consoles which makes buying them seem a little easier on those of us who do not have a stellar PC

Some RTS games to consider


Supreme Commander 1 and 2:  Huge open map battles that makes even the best PC’s run slow. Approximately $22 for both.

Universe at War:Earth Assault:  Has one of the best interfaces on the console and has customization units within each faction.  Available for $50000003135.1920x1080







Tropico 3, 4: City/ island building simulator that allows you to make an island nation the way that you want it to be.  Each is individually available for for under $20.

5: RPG Madness

Two RPG games that each have won game of the year several years ago are available, as their game of the year editions for under $20.  Fallout 3 as well as The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion are available as their game of the year editions, which include DLC in the package for a great price considering how much DLC costs on the Marketplace.  As a result, you get a ton of hours of gameplay from two of the top games in recent memory for a great price.


oblivion rpg gamefallout3_3_lg






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