Grace of Birds of Steel

The Grace of Birds of Steel

 Welcome home flight sim fans, welcome home WWII buffs, welcome home lost Ace Combat fans, this is the game you have been waiting for. Birds of Steel, by Konami, is a warm embrace and a long awaited flight sim game that many have been dreaming of. Konami has really out done themselves with birds of steel, bringing in everything we as flight simulation fans love in a game and mastering it perfectly. Not to mention I believe this game is easily one of the top fight sim games for the console, and I have good reason for believing so.

Birds of What?

Birds of Steel by Konami is a flight Simulation game based around the pacific theater of WWII.  It features 2 campaigns, both taking place in the Pacific.  In one campaign you play as the Americans and in the Japanese. The levels in the campaign are beautifully laid out with a wide variation in between missions. Konami really nails that WWII feel on the game, with authentic planes, scenery, and vehicles. Birds of Steel has a wide varaity of planes, from Great Britain, USA, Germany, Italy, Australia, and Russia. Each plane looks and feels authentic. The game features a point and experience system which you need to unlock and buy more planes. You earn points and experience from the main Historical campaign, along with the many other game modes Birds of Steel features. The dynamic campaign is based around all theaters of war from the Pacific to the European theater. You will fight in a number of major campaigns, either on the Axis or Allied side, were you will fight in a number of different missions to control a sector. The campaign is won when you control all sectors in that theater of war, for example one of the theaters of war you can fight is the Battle of Midway. You will begin the campaign on either the Axis (Japanese) or allied (Americans), and each side as an equal amount of sectors. Your goal is to complete a number of different missions to control each sector, every mission you win gains your side a sector and for everyone you lose you lose a sector. For every sector you attack there will be a number of different missions you can choose from, such as Air Combat Patrol, Head to Head, Bomber escort and more. Each mission you complete will also give points to buy new planes and customization so you can customize it the way you want. This mode is also available in multiplayer, along with the single mission campaign.

The single mission campaign focuses on pacific daring missions completed during the war, spanning from all over the theater of war during WWII. You can hop online with a friend or go in alone (with AI wingmen) and take on these challenging missions.  Each mission is challenging in its own way and needs a different tactic to beat them. It is easier to beat them if you are working together with your friends online, but if you think you are the Top Gun of the WWII era then go for it alone.

Possibly my favorite part of the game is the Mission editor mode, where you can create your own missions! The game never ends with this mode, were you can pick the time, place, mission type, plus the planes you and your enemy is flying. The number and type of missions you can build are endless. Mission editor is a blast because you can design the missions the way you want it and or go online with your friends in your missions. Not many games have this feature but when they do its always a blast to play!



  • Long and interesting campaigns with different variations/modes, plus mission editor!
  • Great authentic planes and WWII feel to the game, any WWII buff will feel right at home.
  • One of the best flight simulation games out there with smooth controls and a realistic feel on each plane.
  • Great variety of planes to unlock and buy will keep you busy with the game for a long time.
  • Great graphics and sound, along with a great sound track.


  • The main way to unlock planes and points is online in verses mode, for those players who don’t play online unlocking planes can be a slow process You can unlock planes in dynamic campaign offline but if you play online you can unlock planes much faster.
  • There is no explanation to how you earn points or coins, I had to learn everything on my own by going online.


My thoughts…….

Personally I love this game and probably will be playing this game for a long time. Not only are the campaigns fun and long but they also are lengthy which now days campaigns are often short in games. Plus the addition of a mission editor makes this game all the sweeter. I can never get tired of the mission editor; I can make my own campaign or war if I wanted too. Birds of Steel also has a great selection of planes that are fun to fly and customize. Birds of Steel is stealing a lot of my attention from my other games and probably will for a while.



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