Gravity Rush Review (PS Vita)

Manipulating gravity, this is something we all wished we could do when we were children. Remember the times that you used to fall and skin your knee and while you were crying from either the shock or pain, you would wish that you could manipulate  gravity at will so that you would never fall again? I don’t know about you, but I know I did wish this at times.

If you were like me, good news, Gravity Rush makes this wish a reality.

Gravity Rush, otherwise known as Gravity Daze in Japan, is an action role-playing video game that was developed exclusively for the PS Vita. The game was directed by Keiichiro Toyama and written by Naoko Sato (who is best known for the Siren series and the very first Silent Hill game).


The Plot

The plot revolves around the town of Hekseville, a fictional floating town. The story kicks off by showing Kat, the character that you will guide through the game. She then runs into a mysterious black cat that will give her the power to control gravity at will. Kat will have to use this ability to protect the people of Hekseville from the threat of a Gravity Storm and the Nevi, the collective name for a set variation of monsters whose arses you will have to kick.



The Gravity will play a massive part during the game. The reason for this is that Kat will be able to control it and that means that you can have fun flying about the parts of the cities that you’ve managed to unlock.

You can use it to walk across the walls of buildings (even on the ceilings of corridors) and it’s also incorporated in the combat against the Nevi. You can also use the gravity to move around faster, but there is a catch. You have a gravity meter that will run out as you hang around in the air or walk around on a wall or ceiling.

This is also where the Vita’s gyroscope comes out to play. When Kat s floating in the air, you can tilt the Vita around to exactly pin point the direction you want Kat to fly towards. This also helps during the combat seeing as you don’t have to keep your thumb on the right analog stick to exactly pinpoint the point you want to attack on a Nevi.


The Gameplay

The gameplay is good. The graphics for a handheld game console are amazing. Seeing that this game was developed by the Japanese, the game has a real Anime feel to it and that makes it more enjoyable. 

The controls are easy to master. In the beginning it will take some getting used to, but as soon as you are able to master the controls, the game will provide new challenges to test your skill in them.

The fighting system works, as well. The only thing I got a little annoyed with was the fact that Kat is only able to kick things, either while standing on the ground or when she’s floating around in the air. That is seriously the only move she can do, kicking the hell out of an enemy.

Still, I suppose that that isn’t really a point that I can mark a game down on, especially not seeing as there is the possibility to be able to use the gravity kick, which is basically Kat throwing herself at an enemy and digging her heel into its weak spot which make the moves a little more cooler.

There are also a range of special moves that you’re able to use. I don’t know the exact names of these, but most of them are really useful especially if there are multiple enemies closing in on you at once.

There is also the option to level up using gems that you can find all around the city of Hekseville. This is where the RPG aspect of the game comes into play but it’s also the only RPG element that ultimately comes into play. You can change Kat’s appearance, but there’s only 2 outfits you can switch back and forth between (unless you’ve downloaded the 2 DLC episodes from the marketplace) but that’s about where the RPG aspect ends.


The Conclusion

So, in conclusion I think that Gravity Rush is great. I have to admit that even though I paid attention to the storyline, I don’t really understand it all. My only problem with the story line is –unless I missed it completely so feel free to correct me If you  can – is that I didn’t really understand how or why Kat got amnesia or if she got her memories back.

Like I said, despite this, Gravity Rush is a great game.

The gameplay is good. The aspect of gravity being controlled by the main character is not only innovative and at times really funny. With this I basically mean that whenever you activate your gravitational powers, the items and people around you will respond to this and if you let Kat fly off into the sky, the same will happen with these items or people. This causes a really funny situation at times, especially when you manage to send a Granny flying.

So overall, if you want to have the chance to control gravity and send Grannies flying, then Gravity Rush is the game for you.

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