GTA 5: Welcome back to Los Santos

It has been a busy and profitable time for Rockstar Games. Their previous two games, GTA IV and L.A. Noire, have been a critical success in the gaming world and on top of that, the company have revolutionised both in-game physics and the pin point accuracy of facial expressions and movements.

So whats new? What is it that everyone is talking about now?

Well, it’s been a while since the release of GTA IV hasn’t it and so Rockstar have decided to head back over to the sunny state of  San Andrea’s for the setting of Grand Theft Auto V. Yes the parallel city of Los Angeles; Los Santos is the very place that this promising game will take place. Just like GTA IV, this game will include high-rendered graphics, the same physics engine and possibly, the facial detection features similar to L.A. Noire as well.

Rockstar have recently released an official trailer for the upcoming game and boy does it look exciting. The graphics have been defined to a substantial level, boasting over it’s scenery and cityscapes alike. Again, the vehicles in this game look as sharp as they did in GTA IV, but the people in particular look specatcular with much smoother actions and details.

Another promising feature to this game is the comeback of aircraft such as the Shammal (Learjet) and
When will it be released is still unannounced, but from the trailer it still looks as if a couple of things need tweaking. Rockstar knows that they want to produce the best games possible and they haven’t let anyone down once. (Apart from that silly table tennis game.) However it is predicted that this game will make around $24 million after selling approximately 18 million copies. This therefore could make the game one of the biggest selling games of the year.Hydra (Harrier Jump Jet) although, this may be updated with an in-game version of the F-22 Raptor. (As shown very briefly in the trailer)

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