GTA V (or 5 to the illiterate..) Latest Information:

San Andreas, the devil’s playground, long time RockStar Fans will remember those 5 words from days gone by. Of course I’m talking about GTA: San Andreas, one of the most successful of the Grand Theft Auto Franchise, and now once again we return to it’s fictional cities, Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas. For those new to the franchise, these cities translate to existing ones, Los Santos being Los Angeles, San Fierro is San Francisco and of course Las Venturas, well what else but Las Vegas?

So what do we know?

Location and Timing:

Well as stated above, GTA V will take place in the fictional southern state of San Andreas, and as always with Rockstar, don’t expect it to be a replica of one of its predecessors in the series. They will have made tweaks here and there to bring it up to modern day standards, with new recognisable in-game landmarks, that we all come to know and love. As for timeframe, well it has be confirmed that GTA V will take place in modern day, following the style of GTA IV.


Yes, it has be confirmed by RockStar, and I know it will be amazing, with frequent trips to the secret island, I have had a great many an adventures with friends in GTA IV going to the secret island located there, and I cannot wait to do it in this game. Don’t know what im talking about? Google it.. If not tweet at me and ill explain @a11nutty (hehe plug!). Oh yeah and even more so for all the Max Payne 3 fans out there, RockStar has allowed you to use the same ‘crews’ that you established and built in the multiplayer available there, thanks to Social Club integration.







As of yet, no confirmation has been given for the main character of the new game.

The graffiti which shows us that the past protagonists are apparently dead. RIP dear friends.

However many fans, myself included have noticed the similarities in the voice-over and the voice of GTA: Vice City’s Tommy Vercetti. And if he has made his comeback, I’m most certainly looking forward to a hopeful comeback of Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson.  [EDIT: It has been confirmed that the actor voicing Tommy Vercetti, Ray Liotta, has not returned, and people have pointed out that in the advert, the voice over says: "Why did I move here? I guess it was the Weather." Tommy lived in Miami, where the weather is pretty much the same or better.] [Further Edit to ruin more fun: GTA IV easter egg is graffiti on the walls of all the protagonists from previous games along with RIP, so most likely this will mean no CJ appearance.. *cry* ]



As of yet, no vehicles have been confirmed, but many are seen in the reveal trailer which can be seen below.




Looks great eh? Make sure to comment on what you think about the Up and coming Rockstar game below or head over to our forums and make a thread!

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