Half-Life 3 Steam Protest, “a call for communication”

HL3 LogoThere have been plenty of rumours recently, on the next instalment in the Half-Life series, from speculations of a Half-Life 3 to even a Half-Life 2 Episode 3. Despite all the talk from fans, Valve has released little extra information as to what exactly they are working on or even when a new game could be expected. All we can do is sit tight and see what happens.

However, despite the target of 50,000 people logging on to Steam and playing Half-Life 2, only 10,000 took part. This less than impressive “Call for communication” attempt will probably not influence any announcements from Valve any time soon.

Stay right here for a more in depth look into our thoughts on the next instalment of Half-Life, to follow soon.


Source: IGN – http://go.ign.com/zVLjUe


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