Heroes and Generals, a New Type of Game

News was just released on a game in development to play in your browser, developed by Square Enix and Reto-Moto.  The game is called Heroes and Generals and focuses on a dual-genre gametype in which players can choose to either be a soldier on the front line or be the commanding general overseeing an operation.  The way the game would play out is there would be a combination of Heroes and Generals in a single game with different objectives for each team as they face off against one another.  The setting in World War II also brings back the setting that has been dead lately with the exception of Company of Heroes.

The soldier side of Heroes and Generals in a vehicle.


The hero will have the objective of being an fps soldier who will be tasked with attacking objectives and going after the enemy team.  They will have the ability to use vehicles as well as other supplies in their conquest to win the game.  The generals fall under more of a support role tasked with being able to keep the heroes supplied on the front lines as well as support options that will likely allow for things like artillery barrages to take place.




The game will be free to play and is currently taking applications to get into the closed beta.


Here is a gameplay video of the beta:



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