Hidden Gems of the Internet – Shareware games

In this article I will talk about Shareware games. What is a shareware game exactly? Well despite their name, it’s nothing to do with pirating or anything illegal. Shareware is an application or programme that the developer has put up on the internet for free. Think of downloading Java or Flash player. However if you look in the right places, you can also find shareware games. Some are small indie games whilst others are crude early 90′s application games that we used to love playing at the age of five.

So here are a few great examples of games that you can instantly download and have fun (to some extent) If you’re bored, waiting for another larger download or just want to feel the nostalgia.

1. You Have to Fertilize the EggYHTFTE

Don’t get me wrong, that is the name of the game and yes, it is your objective. To put it simply you are a…um…sperm… and you have to try to beat all of the other sperm to fertilize the egg at the end. The game only lasts a good 30-45 seconds if you know how to control your…sperm… and you can also get a speed boost whenever your sperm’s top hat turns white. But the jewel of this game has to be the constant singing of your sperm. It is quite funny, but also rather awkward if you have your sound system turned up. So beware of that before you start playing it!

2. Word Rescue1346417380346

Ah the nostalgia from this game. The joys of controlling an 8-bit character through numerous levels to collect missing words linked to pictures whilst avoiding several unpredictable monsters. Yes Word Rescue is one of those games where you can’t really tell what is going to happen next due to the crude early 90′s DOS animations and programming. Still, back in the day this game would be played for hours on end by young children such as myself. On the downside, this game is so old, it purely cannot be run on current operating systems such as Windows 7. However if you’ve still got XP, you can still play it!

The objective of the game is quite simple. The monsters hate reading, so they’re going to be hostile to you, the player (who is either a boy or a girl) as you try to fix their mischievous actions and mess. Once you’ve dealt with the monsters and collected all of the words and related pictures, you can progress onto the next level and so on. It’s rather straightforward, yet rather enjoyable…if you like 8-bit crude educational games.

3. SkyroadsSkyroads

This game has to be my most favourite shareware game. Skyroads is a small, straightforward 3D science fiction game where you pilot a small craft along blocks and various paths in space. It sounds simple, but as you progress through the game, (or go straight to the last level) you will find that it is much harder than it looks. First of all, your craft cannot fly, it can only jump. there are numerous things you need to look out for; your oxygen, fuel and speed. If you go too fast, you can end up flying off the track or smashing into a wall in front of you. There are also several environmental obstacles as well. Pink floors can make your craft explode, whilst if you go into the wrong tunnel, you may crash and die. There are benefits however, if you’re low on fuel and/or oxygen, fly over the light blue road sections to resupply your craft. fly over light green sections to go faster whilst go over dark green sections to slow down.

Overall it is a fun, yet rather stressful game, but if you’re that bored, these three should fill the gap for you quickly…Thats if your PC can run old DOS applications.

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