Homeworld: Have the Exiles decided to retire after two epic wars?

The Homeworld series is possibly up there with Mass Effect, Star Wars and Halo as one of the greatest Science Fiction gaming series ever made. It has a storyline and universal lore that is detailed enough to counteract the Star Wars universe, the base inspiration of the series.

Despite its age, Homeworld Boasted Great Graphics For its time

The graphics of the original game, for its time (1999), was beyond what was usually seen in other games and was supported with an all-new 3D engine, in-game cutscenes and dynamic ship movements. In 2003, Homeworld 2 greatly improved the graphic and movement factors, although faltered slightly with a less solid storyline. Nevertheless the series was a global success and was known to have one of the best storylines in a game of its time.

Now I’m a huge fan of the series, but that was not a personal opinion. That was based on fact and the reviews of other players since it’s release, however I do agree on what I put regardless. However looking back at the series, I do have to admit a couple of things could have been changed or improved. Firstly the series had a lack of characters. Sure you had Karan S’jet, the main protagonist, The Emperor (1st game), The Beast (Cataclysm) and Makaan (2nd Game) as the antagonists  AND not to mention the good Bentusi people throughout the whole three games. But what I really meant was character appearance. You only saw the characters of whom they were in the pre-level cutscenes, and yet they were only visible for a matter of seconds. In-game, they’re only ships.

Now I know why Sierra and Relic haven’t made a third Homeworld game in the past nine years. It’s a long and complicated story where Sierra was bought by Vivendi, who then owned the Homeworld contract, and made Sierra redundant. Relic was also shortly bought by THQ after Homeworld2 was released, which made things awkward as Vivendi is a major rival to THQ. However in 2008 Vivendi sold back the contract to its rightful owners; Relic. (Who are now a division of THQ, unlike Sierra which doesn’t exist anymore.) Relic’s CEO and developers said that they were “Happy that the contract had returned home” and that they were “Looking into it” for a third installment.

That was almost five years ago, and there is still no sign of another game in development. What is Relic doing? Why are they still concentrating on the failing Warhammer franchise thats only giving them an average score of 75% on Metacritic, when they know that the original Homeworld scored 93% and its sequel got 83%, and there are people out there wanting the final chapter of the Homeworld series?

They know the potential now. Heck, even when they first developed Homeworld2 they wanted it big, as in, fighters running down trenches on a huge deathstar-like ship big. But then they were pressed for time and the idea was scrapped for the somewhat unclear story that exists today. For the third game, they can re-create that idea, make it bigger, better and more exciting! No other game has similar gameplay as the Homeworld series and very few have similar character, tension, mind bending story and emotional scenes as to what this series has.

Now this is a personal message…

Please Relic, (or anyone reading this who works for them,) finish the job. Make it great, because you know it started off well, the sequel is still played by thousands, and now there is an official group on Facebook that WANTS a third game. (And we’re talking over 5,000 people and counting.) So stop playing around with little static figurines that we used to play at the age of 12, and go back to creating impossibly large derelicts, and for once, tell us what happened to the Kadeshi people.

That is all…

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