How to Improve Your Score Per Minute in Black Ops 2

Here are some pretty simple tips on how to improve your overall score per minute in Black Ops 2

1: Rest Your stats whenever you want to start seeing the improvement in your overall stats.

  • The reset will allow you to start strong and will allow you to use everything you have learned thus far in the game and you will be able improve your SPM.  Also, the reset will put you in worse lobbies as the game recognizes you as a new player slotting you against other new players which can include Christmas Noobs which again will help improve your SPM

2:Play with other people but not a whole party

  • Playing by yourself you can get a good SPM but the chances of it happening are much less likely because you are the only person you can count on in a game for support.  If you play with one or two other people you get that support which will prevent you from dying as much and allows you to get to the higher scorestreaks.  Then you can take objective much easier.

3: Speaking of Objectives

  • Regardless of the game type you are playing, always go after the objective.  The objective will always wield more points than the kills in a game.  Take for example domination.  Each flag capture of an enemies is worth 200 points, double that of a kill, and then  if you kill someone while you cap a flag you gain another 200 points.  Can rack up fast can’t it?

4: Play Game Modes with an opportunity to have a high SPM

  • Best put, unless you absolutely dominate team deathmatch, the SPM for that mode is not going to be as much as kill confirmed.  So Stick with the ones you know you can get a high score even when you don’t do well k/d wise.  That means stick with Domination, Demolition and Kill Confirmed.


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