How to Prepare for Black Ops 2 Multiplayer

With the release of Black Ops 2 upon us, here are a few ways that you can prepare for the upcoming release of the new Call of Duty game:

1: Go back and Play Black Ops 1 as well as World at War

  • I think this is a big one to do just to go back to the feel of a Treyarch game.  Yes I have seen that the game seems faster(I’ll get to that later) but if you get on Black Ops or World at War, then you can get a feel for the speed from the servers.  The servers that Treyarch play out differently than those that Infinity Ward supplies.  I remember when Black Ops 1 first came out that the servers became overloaded and it was near impossible to play a game with anyone else unless you played split screen.
  • Also, ging back and Playing World at War can allow you to use guns you haven’t used in a long time, and using guns that you aren’t used to helps you prepare for the new game as the guns and equipment you will be using will almost all be new to you so it will take some getting used to.  This also applies for Black Ops 1.  Use guns that you haven’t used before in an attempt to become ready for how these guns may feel, or to simply prepare yourself to be ready to use something different.

2: Use different set ups

  • This goes along with playing the old games.  Use some perk set ups you aren’t used to using.  You won’t have them all unlocked from the start so look at ones that will mirror what you have from the start in Black Ops 2 and try to base classes around what you will have early in the game.

3: Try playing bare bones game modes
  • You will then be playing completely based on gun skill without having to worry about point streak.  Considering there really aren’t any in the new game besides the staples UAV and Counter UAV, you should get used to playing without what is in the current game and be more prepared for what you will be facing in the next game.
  • Another way to do this is to play with the point streak that are staples in the game and will be there
    for sure, and only using
  • those point streak.  The point streaks you should use should only include the following: RC-XD, UAV, Counter UAV, and sentry gun.  Other than those streaks, we won’t know how many of the others will perform until we play the game so it is best not to use things we are unsure of.

4: Prestige

  • I know a lot of people will complain about prestiging if they can, but think about it.  When you start a new game of Black Ops 2, you will be starting at level one, the same level you would start at if you prestige.  It will help you get into the mode of having to work yourself up from the bottom once again.

5: Work on points not always kills

  • Point streaks are more important than killstreaks now.  Yes you can still hit all of your rewards by killing a certain amount of people, but now it will benefit you just as much to play the objective in objective based game modes.  So instead of sitting in domination or demolition and just going for kills, see if you can be at the top of the leaderboard by getting the most flag captures or the most bomb plants and defuses.  These will add more into your point streaks than kills will in these game modes, and as a result, finding a happy medium between kills and objectives can help tremendously when it comes to the new gameplay.  Think, when you get half of the points for a kill in domination and three times as many for a flag capture, you can make for a quick shot through your streak by using a combination of the two methods of getting points to gain all of your streaks.

6: Play by yourself

  • I can remember how bad it was to get into a party when Black Ops 1 came out.  It took I think a week to fix the problem somewhat but it was still difficult to find games as a full party.  So prepare for the worst and play by yourself as much as you can until it comes out.  I know it doesn’t sound like as much fun as say, pub stomping with a group of your friends, but in the end it can help you a lot.  And in my experience the past several days of playing Black Ops, as long as you are a decent player, you will do more than alright.  After spending several months away from the game, the ten or so games I have played before I prestiged last night resulted in me getting a K/D on average of 3 or greater.  I actually fared worse when I played with a team
    of people than when I played alone, so it shouldn’t be too bad for you to play alone if you know what you are doing.

If you take some of these ideas, you could lead yourself to being slightly more prepared for the new game than if you have stayed away from the game up until the release.  Granted these are not the only things you could do, but this is some of the ways that I think would be most effective for the game when it comes out.

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