iPhone game of the week: BULBS!

Bulbs! developed by Matt Woodage, is a puzzle game for the iPhone in which you are required to power a bulb (or multiple bulbs) by completing an electrical circuit. This circuit can be completed through many methods including: flicking / rotating switches, sliding wires into place and touching contacts. At some points in the game you will also come across red bulbs, which if lit, will cause you to loose the level.

The game starts off with 15 training levels, which explain how to play and demonstrate some of the obstacles that you will come up against later in the game as well as teaching some of the concepts of electronic circuits. These first 15 levels offer a good introduction into what you can expect in the rest of the game and teach you the basics required to progress through the game.

Bulbs training Levels

The training levels, offering a steady start to Bulbs

Bulbs! Includes 85 levels in total (Including 10 bonus levels) with varying difficulty, ranging from easy to pretty much impossible. Bulbs! will provide many hours of play-time, even for the smartest of gamers! Completing each level unlocks 3 additional levels, meaning that you do no not have to complete every level to progress through the game. This is a great feature, as your progression through the game will not be halted by a tricky level.


An easy level...


...A much harder level!

One thing worth mentioning however, is that Bulbs! does not have an iPad or universal version. Although not a deal breaker, an iPad version would have been nice to see.

Bulbs! currently costs £0.69 from the App Store, with a free version also available, which includes the training and an extra 15 levels from the full version.

To conclude, Bulbs! is an excellent puzzle game for the iPhone, that requires you to think logically about how to solve each level. With 85 levels to work your way through, offering many hours play-time Bulbs! With great graphics and well thought out levels, Bulbs! will keep you coming back time and time again.

Purchase Bulbs! from the App Store or visit www.bulbsgame.com for more details.

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