iPlayer makes its appearance on the Xbox

The popular iPlayer TV catch-up service from the BBC was released today on the Xbox 360 Console. The release of the new Xbox dashboard last Autumn promised on-demand TV in both the US and UK with services like Demand 5, 4OD and Sky having already been available for quite some time here in the UK. Was the long wait worth it? Well, lets find out.

After downloading the iPlayer App from my Xbox dashboard I loaded it up to take a look. The layout follows the same style as other “Metro” themed apps on the Xbox and the dashboard itself, with some minor tweaks to make it look more like the web version of the service. Much like the 4OD and Demand 5 services, you can browse through categories, channels as well as set favorites.

As far as streaming goes, TV shows will load quickly and HD playback appears to run smoothly, with video quality that appears far superior to other service on the Xbox.

For more information check out this link from BBC News

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