Jak and Daxter; Where are they now?

Back in the beginning half of the last decade (2000-2005) There were two game series that dominated the Playstation 2. One being Ratchet and Clank, the other being Jak and Daxter. Now being an owner of a PS2, I know that both series were and still are spectacular in their own way. However whereas Ratchet and Clank are still up to several adventures, Jak and Daxter have seemed to have dissappeared off from the face of the world. Quite literally in fact seeing as their last game; The Lost Fronteir, was all about the duo going to the edge of their world to save it. What happened afterwards is unkown. Maybe they entered their own version of the Bermuda Triangle and never came out again.

The last proper game, Jak 3, was released in 2005. (Jak X was a spin off for those who didn’t know) Whilst this had a mix result from critics and fans alike, Naughtydog new that it was not as good as the games before it. Maybe this, just like with every other gaming series, was the beginning of the end, but if it was, Naughtydog sure kept it quiet.

Now I’m a fan of the J&D series, I’ve played each game (except the PSP ones, because I know that The Lost Frontier was absolute rubbish, and never played Daxter,) and I found that all of them were superb. (Although the first game was too short and had a ‘mario-like’ story where the hero has to save the day pretty easily without much challenge. Trust me, I completed it in a day it was that easy.) Nevertheless the series gave out a complex and mind-bending storyline with numerous twists and turns that gripped fans into finding out more. The second game; Jak II: Renegade, was a vastly improved game compared to the first instalment in terms of gameplay and plot. However many fans realised that this game was vastly different compared to its colourful original, and seemed too much like its rival, Ratchet & Clank, and its pretty obvious to what they are saying.

Since the second J&D game, both series included weapons, hover vehicles, large cities and robots. Even in the third game Naughtydog had vaguely changed the transportation so that the player mostly rode around in wheeled vehicles instead of hover vehicles and again, stuck with the concept in Jak X.

So, what has become of the series now?

Well Naughtydog being their usual selves may have decided to ditch the series for the more modernised Uncharted games. Why? I do not know, I don’t own a PS3. But the one thing I do not get is, Why?

The series has a promising future. Naughtydog is releasing the complete series in remastered HD for the ps3, but whether they will make a 4th game is still being in debate among fans. Will they do it? We don’t know, but as always, we will have to see.has Naughtydog ditched a highly praised series for a male Tomb Raider copy? They did the exact same thing with Crash Bandicoot when the original Jak and Daxter game was released, why?  Now I know that each series was highly praised for their time, and again, each series was created for each consol. Crash Bandicoot being childlike for the younger generations, Jak and Daxter being made for the early teen audience, and Uncharted for us now, around the age of 15-18+. So it is clear why they may have done it. But still, lots of people want a revamped Jak and Daxter game.

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