Jetstream Gaming Has Begun!

Well, I knew it would come down to it sooner or later. I’ve finally made a Youtube channel that will cover gameplay and commentary from yours truly, ranging from the latest games to the retro classics. This channel is simply known as Jetstream Gaming.

If you don’t believe me, here’s the link:

Why am I doing this? Well, why the hell not? It’s a good way of getting more views to this site, I do tend to talk about Games-Tec as much as possible in my videos as well as offering something that you, the reader, will like…hopefully.


One of the few crude pieces of artwork I’ve made for the titles of each series. This one is for “Tank Time with Jet”, Although if my channel does pick up, I’ll improve the picture.

Now I know that I’m not the best commentator in the world, nor will I ever make it up there with the other big name gaming commentators such as Pewdiepie or Tobuscus or Uberhaxornova, but I still aim to deliver and entertain to the best of my abilities. And who knows, over time I might just get better with my commentary.

So here is what to be expected in the upcoming several months:

- Tank Time with Jet (A series purely on World of Tanks gameplay…and mishaps)

- Gaming Classics with Jet

- “Oh look another Minecraft video series!”

- Into the Warzone! (An RTS series featuring games such as Sins of a Solar Empire and Supreme Commander and the Total War gamess.)

-  And possibly a few other good things that I haven’t thought up yet.

Now I’m not asking for subscribers or anything like that. I find that as begging and no-one likes begging right? Of course not. So you can subscribe if you want, but I won’t ask or force you to. If you don’t like the stuff I upload, feel free to say the reasons why, (maturely, I don’t fall easily to trolls.) and I’ll gladly take into account comments and feedback as constructive criticism. The only way is upwards!

I will try to upload on average two videos a week, but I do prioritise my coursework over everything else, so if I hit a hard working timeframe, I’ll obviously will not upload many or any videos if it comes to it. Hopefully that shouldn’t happen and you’ll get a constant feed of good quality videos and…banter, if you’d call it that. I’ll try to be as funny as I can at least.




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