K and A Column: How to Keep Your significant Other Happy even though You’re a Gamer

Written by Kyle and his Girlfriend Amber

So I think a lot of problems come with being a gamer because there is so much time that goes into playing video games that it can hurt you’re social life, specifically the relationships you have with your significant other.  Well, Amber and I seem to have a way of still spending a lot of time together and letting me play video games even though we literally spend all of our time together.

The true key to it all is time management.  The one thing that I have always come to realize is how fast time goes by when we play video games.  There have been times where I had only planned to play for an hour or two and end up playing for several hours, late into the night.  This obviously becomes a problem when you are with your significant other.  So you, as the gamer need to know how long you have been playing so that it doesn’t seem like you are ignoring the other.

The only way to continuously play while your other is around is for them to be doing something that takes time as well.  When I game, i try to make sure that Amber is content either doing her own thing or her trying to play with me.  Granted she isn’t a gamer so it is a little more difficult for us to play games together even though we do have the odd game or two that we can play together, such as the Sims or games that are kind of just family fun games, like Wii Sports or Wii Play.

The one thing that really works for me if for us to be doing our separate things in the same room but still being able to converse while we do them.  I may be on my laptop play LoL or World of Tanks, and she is on the Xbox watching something on Netflix.  It really helps as we still spend time together even though we aren’t doing the same things.  This way we are both happy and get to do what we want without losing out on the other person.

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