Keyboards Have Gone Futuristic!

We thought the future was here when it came to the tablet computer, but sometimes the ability to type on these touch screens seems to be just too much of a challenge. And the bulky and cheap designs of the Bluetooth keyboard cases, that have been released, make protecting and using one of these high-tech tablets almost unreasonable. It seems you either get a portfolio case, which is bulky and has a cheap Bluetooth keyboard, but somehow costs a fortune! Or you have to lug around a separate keyboard just to type! Well the future is here my friends, time to keep the high tech feel and leave behind the bulky out-dated cases! I present to you The Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard. This Bluetooth virtual keyboard is small, compact, and high quality!  Perfect from top to bottom. The Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard a virtual, full size, laser keyboard that works on any flat surface. It connects to most any Bluetooth-enabled device including: iPad, iPhone, and most smart phones and laptops. The Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard runs off a rechargeable battery, which will last you 150 minutes per charge. The Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard is a full size, 63 key, QWERTY layout, laser keyboard. But hands down the greatest feature of this keyboard has is it’s size, which is just slightly larger than a match book! As someone who has used a virtual laser keyboard before, I’m here to tell you, these things are highly-accurate, incredibly stylish, easy to carry, and a hands-down attention grabber! is now selling the The Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard for a current price of $179.99, and for the level to quality and technology your getting, that is actually a reasonable price. So if you are looking for something easy, accurate, and stylish, then The Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard is just right for you!

~Rachel Leigh

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Product Features

  • Projects a full-size laser keyboard onto any flat surface
  • Allows the convenience of full-size typing in a tiny form factor
  • Connects wirelessly via bluetooth to iPhone, iPad, many Smartphones and most Laptops
  • Mouse mode allows you to use your finger as a mouse rather than typing when using with a laptop.
  • Rechargeable battery lasts for 150 minutes of continuous typing
  • Charges via USB. No drivers to install

Product Specifications

  • Compatibility: iPhone 3GS/4, iPad (iOS4), Blackberry tablet, Android 2.0 and higher, Windows Phone 7, Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS
  • Interface: Bluetooth HID and USB 2.0
  • Keyboard Layout: 19mm sized QWERTY layout
  • Detection rate: Up to 400 characters per minute
  • Operating Surface: Most flat opaque surfaces
  • Battery duration: Approximately 150 minutes, 700mAh built-in rechargeable battery



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