Kickstarter: Saving The Small Time Gaming Companies?

Kickstarter has become a wonderful thing.  people are able to pledge money towards something in which they would like to see, in the sens that if they pledge this money to a company or a person then receive some benefits from supporting them, with some better benefits coming when they pledge more money.  A lot of people and companies have benefited from the use of Kickstarter, but it seems like it might actually end up helping the gaming industry a lot more than many others that post on Kickstarter.

Let me explain.


In recent years, all of the smaller companies within the gaming industry have been on the road of being bought out by much larger companies.  Take for example Ea.  For those of us who remember when Mass Effect first came out, it was an exclusively Bioware title, their first truly successful game on the current generation of consoles.  Not long after they had completed the title and it had recieved massive success, EA bought Bioware.  Just one small company that had a great game and then sold at a high to get as much money as possible.  Now Bioware is still a company, but it is individually owned by EA, basically making it so that EA has complete control over the company but it still allows them to do their own thing.  But EA has the power to change anything they dont like for when a game is sent into production.  I mean look at the big difference in the end game sex scens from Mass Effect 1 versus Mass Effect 2 and 3.


Another problem of the takeover of these smaller gaming companies is that a lot of people are left out of a job, a lot of people who have great ideas for games, yet no way to really produce it because to produce a game it takes money and you have no money unless you are working towards a goal, which is a game within a company.  But when these game creators go to Kickstarter it gives them an opportunity to ask the public for funding for their project, and if a game receives enough support and funding then it will have all of the money go towards the project and it will be immediately put into creation.

One great thing about this is that if you put your money into the funding of a game then you have a bit more of a say about what could change within the game.  If you are one of the biggest backers for a project, expect there to be some of your voice in the game creation as well as some awesome benefits for the game once it finally comes out.


There have been some great projects that have come out of the last year of Kickstarter including the OUYA, a new gaming console trying to break into the big three of Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo, (Read more about it here).  But there is so much more in terms of gaming that has and will come from Kickstarter in the coming year.

Here is a list of a few of the projects that I really like:

Planetary Annihilation 

Elite: Damerous


Limit Theory


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