Lego Lord of the Rings The Video game: Review

I have always enjoyed the Lego video games franchise, admittedly the last one I bought and played before this one was Lego Batman. Though I had tried the demo of both this game and Lego Batman 2. So some of the things that are new to me are not new to the franchise. So keeping that in mind I’ll give a review with as little spoilers as possible.

The game begins the same way the Fellowship of the Ring begins, the battle of Mordor just outside Mount Doom. The famous scene where Isildor and Elrond face off with their armies against the armies of evil led by Sauron. You are able to play in this mission as Elrond, Isildor, and his father who has the legendary blade Narsil. All of the voice actors from the trilogy are back and voicing their original characters. The gameplay is enjoyable and similar to all previous Lego games so that’s not anything really new. However, what is new is an inventory system where you can have several items equipped and switch between them as you play with the characters. The story of the game follows the trilogy of the movies giving a nice summary of the three movies so as to fit all three into this one game. You travel around Middle Earth as a giant free-roaming hub to go from level to level. Each character plays differently and has something unique to him/herself which I think is a very nice touch and as such in both single and multi-player you’ll be switching around from character to character to progress through the story and solve the puzzles.  Also, there are times where you will be playing two missions at the same time, for example Gandalf and Sauroman are dueling while the hobbits try to sneak past the Nazgul. You switch between the two or have a second player playing the other half of the mission via split-screen. It’s a rather interesting new feature and really creates a wonderful new challenge and feel of epicness.

Of course, there is more to do than just the main story missions around the world of Middle Earth, there are also side quests to give

Some of the villains that appear in Lego Lord of the Rings like Sarumon, the Witch King, and the Balrog.

you special extras and unlock more features in the game. It’s a nice touch to help give more re-play value once you’ve beaten the game. Of course, you also can go back and replay the story missions with the standard free play where you can play with any of the characters you have unlocked. Roaming around in the hub is where you buy characters, play side quests, and  find a blacksmith to smith mithril equipment to help you further explore and unlock things in the hub world.

The music is directly taken from the Peter Jackson films and helps you feel like your still in the Lord of the Rings universe, and the voice acting is perfectly synched up with the lips of the Lego figures. That being said, it’s not all serious, there are still those classic moments that can only happen in Lego games. Like a sword being turned into a bunch of bananas or a villain trying to shoot you with a chicken from his bow. It’s a nice balance of serious and humor that hasn’t really been seen in some of the earlier titles of the Lego franchise.

There are some flaws in this game though, as no game is without it. The inventory system can be a bit of a pain as it’s the same button that you use to interact with everything in the world. It’s not poorly executed in the game, it’s just not a good way to use the button layout. Also, switching between weapons is annoying since you have to open your inventory to switch and there is no way to just hit a

Frodo, Sam, and Gollum in the Lego Lord of the Rings game.

single button to switch between your weapons. In my opinion the pros of this game far outweigh these small errors and I hope (seeing as EVERY Lego game has a sequel) that in the sequel they fix that problem and allow you to at least just quick swap your weapons as needed.

Now, I stole this rating system from my good friend and fellow author Patrick Howlett and it goes as follows.  From worst possible to best possible, it goes like this:

Burn it with the fires of a thousand evils

Just plain bad

Get it cheap

Pretty Bueno

Very Bueno


I personally give this game a Very Bueno. It’s worth picking up and playing.

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