Light Show Fountain Speakers! See The Beat!

I love music. I love everything about music. I love the fact that it can bring me to tears, give me a reason to completely rock out, or simply make me break out in spontaneous dance moves. So you can imagine my overwhelming joy when I found these amazing speakers on I’ve been a fan of ThinkGeek for years now, and I come across very inventive and fun gadgets almost weekly, but these speakers have got to be in my top ten.

I remember when I was a kid and I first discovered Windows Media Player, I would spend hours picking different songs and customizing the player’s visual effects: from swirls, to warp, to bars, I just loved being able to see my music play, and watch the beats form intricate patterns on the screen. So when I first saw these speakers I could swear to you a nostalgic smile found it’s way across my face. These speakers take my hours of watching Windows Media Player, and put them to absolute shame.

The Light Show Fountain Speakers instead turn those awesome beats you listen to on a daily basis, into you’re own personal waterworks show, complete with multi-colored LED lights, so that when the lights go down, the show can go on.  The Light Show Fountain Speakers are water tight, so you don’t need to worry about you’re electronics getting soaked. The speakers are extremely easy to hook up, anything with a USB port will do. iPods work as well, just plug the USB end into the speaker, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. As for power, a simple AC adapter is included to make sure the party only stops when you want it to. These speakers bring all the amazing wonder of  a waterworks and light show right to your desktop. What could be better for an avid music lover? And at $39.99 these speakers aren’t outrageous in price range and would make an absolutely great gift!

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