LIMBO: A dark, dangerous but very powerful Indie game

It’s been a while since my last post, and there have been several reasons, (mainly because of my studies) but its also because I’m starting to run out of games to review. I know, it’s crazy!

So, I’m going to take a look back at some previous and classic games that we all know, and possibly love, starting with the small game called LIMBO.

Now you may have heard the game LIMBO before, especially if you own a PC or Xbox, because you can easily get the game on the Arcade and Steam services. But those of you who don’t know what the game is all about or have heard of it but haven’t played it, don’t worry because this is what the aticle is all about. Got it? Good.

So what is LIMBO you might ask? Well it is a small indie game developed by the tiny deutsch games company called Playdead. It was released in mid 2010 and became an instant hit with the Xbox Live Arcade, shortly afterwards, the game was released on the Steam system for the PC, and yet agian it became extremely popular. Now that’s the A tense moment between the boy and the giant spiderbasics out of the way, lets get to the interesting parts.

The story of the game is about a young boy who doesn’t have a name or a specific age (although from his appearence and high-pitched panting when running, it’s guessed he is around the age of 7-9) that wakes up in the middle of a gigantic forest. As the player you immediately start to immerse yourself into the game from its cold and eerie atmosphere. However as you progress through the game, you have to defeat a giant spider, fend off other people and solve tricky puzzles. Whats more, as you progress you travel through different ‘broken’ environments. These include a dangerous forest, caves and waterworks, a crubling city and a large factory of some kind. As you go through the game you soon realise that you are trying to find a girl, who apparently is your lost sister, and ultimately at the end, you reunite with her. However there are some conspiracies that some people believe that you and your sister are dead, and that you are in LIMBO. This can be justified at the end. (But I won’t say any more) Another theory is that each environment is to do with the little boy’s fears and feelings. (i.e. the forest represents fear, the factory represents progress to finding the answer, ect.) But overall you don’t need to think to enjoy this game because the gameplay itself is very simple (you only use the arrow keys and ctrl button for PC and the analogue stick and Y & B buttons for Xbox) but it is still very fun.

The game itself should take the player around two-four days to complete, (each gaming session being 2-4 hours long) So take your time if necessary to enjoy it. Although if you are in a rush, then so be it. However the more you play through it, the quicker it becomes… obviously.

So why did it become so popular? There is no dialouge and hardly any music (apart from eerie but somewhat entrancing drone music that is played at certain points in the game) but what really capture’s your experience is what the game looks like. It is in a style of film noire, or in other words, high contrast black and white. (Think of Sin City without the red bits.) You never see what your character looks like or what any other object looks like. They are all silhouetted. The background however does show some lighting and textures, albeit a little.A deadly consequence

(Here is one of LIMBO’s more recognisable pieces of tranquil music.) Limbo Soundtrack 18 – Alone

Truely this is a hidden gem in the indie games category, but you really do need to try it out yourself to believe it. On the plus side, this game can be on offer on Steam for an excellent price. (I bought my copy for over £1!) It is a fantastic game and hopefully we should see more soon. If not, it doesn’t matter much because it still keeps you thinking of alternate ideas at the end. And that is something little games do today.


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