Making you Part of the Game: Microsoft IllumiRoom

This looks to be really cool.


It seems like there is a way to get around the whole idea of 3D TV’s in how to get you as the gamer to become part of the game.  With the ideas released from the Microsoft Research development team, there is a way for a projector to be hooked up to you on Television that will project the environments around the screen onto the surroundings of the room, giving what you see through your character’s eyes on the TV while showing the rest of the environments projected around the TV.  It would allow for particle effects, such as snow to fall down around you and in front of you, or if someone shoots a shotgun near you then there will be a ripple effect that will come through your room as a particle effect.


I don’t really know how this would effect gameplay for multiplayer games, but imagine how much more immersive a game like Skyrim would be if your surroundings are literally right there next to you.

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