Mario Party 9: The death of a Franchise.

Why is there a CAR and where the HELL are my mini-games…and the REST of Mario Party!?

Well it’s not really a death but it’s pretty damn close. Now to prove that I’m not just being nostalgic, I actually think Mario Party 8 is alright. It’s not my favorite but I did still enjoy it. However, Mario Party 9 is the absolute the worst. I mean the series was taking a bit of a downhill drive, but 9 stopped going down hill and started to take a nose dive like a plane without a pilot, and the auto pilot is turned off, and the crash zone is our childhood. Now you may say, “it can’t be that bad,” but it is. For starters, they removed coins altogether in this game, and stars. The things that are staple to any Mario party game. The coins have been replaced with mini-stars that do nothing but determine what place you are in. Everyone shares the same space on the board via a car and takes turns driving it. Only the pilot/driver of the vehicle gains the effects/stars/items etc. of the space landed on. Landing on blue spaces gives you different dice, green questions marks usually seem to change the stars into ztars or minus stars basically. They removed mini games from the end of each round of turns and are now only triggered by mini-game spaces. Many of the mini-games are based on chance and require like to no skill, or they’re over the top and give you no chance of winning. The battle mini-games and Bowser mini-games reward whoever was controlling the vehicle and thus landed the party on that space, which is totally…and utterly, bull$#!^. I mean in one game I was playing I tied in score for 1st with one of the computers, but the computer got extra stars because he was the captain that turn. That’s fair you know.

The bonus stars are a stretch since mini-games are not in the game anymore, or coins. I hardly paid attention to what the bonus stars were because I was that bored and disappointed with this game. This Mario Party feels like the creators got lazy, dumbed down, and removed any skills or enjoyability for anyone who isn’t a really young kid. Nintendo, I am disappointed. The best comparison I encountered for this game I heard came from the person I was playing the game with. He said the game was made to teach little children that you can’t win at everything. I think I won one mini game out of the like five we played. It’s just awful, I’m ashamed that this game was even created. I would not recommend this game to anyone. Nintendo, I want a better Mario game, I mean Mario Party 2 is my favorite, but I’d settle for something at least like Mario Party 5, but for the love of God not another one like 9. In fact I feel 9 should be purged by fire. That’s just how bad it was. Do yourself a favor–roll a six and RUN away from this game!

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