Mass Effect 3 DLC: From the Ashes

The opening day DLC for ME3 was something that a lot of people were worried about because the thought was originally that only people who bought the collectors edition of the game would get it.  But that was not the case as it was available for download from the Xbox Live Marketplace at the beginning of its launch for 800 Microsoft points.

After completing the game, I have been able to fully bear the consequences of having the DLC.  One major impact is the new squad member that joins Shepard’s team. The interesting part is that the new member is from the long dead race of Protheans.  The Protheans, being the ones who were infamously the last of those who were wiped out during the last reaper attack, would have a very intriguing view of the reaper attack, especially since this new member is the last surviving of the Prothean race.  The unique perspective adds to the story and the eventual ending of the game.  Also, by interacting and learning his story, you gain the opportunity to gain one of the skills from his skill tree, Dark Channel, which is an extremely strong power.

The overall effect on gameplay, namely in combat, is terrible for the Prothean squadmate.  I have found that he is, by far, the worst of the people you can bring with you places.  He is the ony squadmate that regularly died while in combat and the constant need to revive him was a bit of a pain for me.

Overall it was a good DLC in the fact that it did add to the overall story of the game, but the addition of a new squad member who is not very good knocks it down a little bit.  Still worth 800 Microsoft points, and a good addition to the game.

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