Mass Effect 3: Multiplayer Review

One of the things most critics thought should be an afterthought when it comes to the Mass Effect series was multiplayer.  But times have changed and the multiplayer flows nicely with the main story in single player even though there is not story to go along with the multiplayer action.

In multiplayer, a group or squad of four different players fight off te waves of enemies.  Throughout several of the waves, there are additional tasks that the group must complete to make it to the next wave with the different tasks ranging from killing key targets in the wave or accessing terminals for a short amount of time. These tasks add in an added level of difficulty to some of the missions.  The difficulty varies with three different difficulty modes: bronze, silver, and gold.  Each of these is a step up in difficulty than the one before it, with the gold level being extremely difficult when not playing with a team of people you know.

There are also eight different maps which are all based off of the maps that were part of the N7 missions in the main storyline which allows for a nice transition over from the single player to the multiplayer.  The maps are exactly the same as the ones that are in the missions so there should be no surprises as to what the map will look like.

The level up system is interesting because it is different from many games.  players will level up different classes of characters, one of each of the classes that are a part of the main storyline, that have similar but not all of the same powers that Shepard would have.  These powers are then mapped out to three buttons so players do not have to bring open the power wheel during combat.  This is also the same for the weapon wheel as players are only given a choice of carrying two of the five weapon types in any game.

The weapons and additional characters are unlocked in a unique way in that they are bought through a point system.  In game, players earn points that level up their character and unlock the rest of the skill tree.  Along with the points that level up your character, you also earn credits which can be used to purchase crates of different power ups, weapons, and characters with experience.  There are different packs of these with each pack costing different prices.  The higher priced packs offer better weapons as well as more power ups.  The cheaper ones are the opposite but come in handy when you are short on credits.

Overall, the multiplayer aspect of the game is something nice when the storyline has been finished and you are waiting for new DLC.  It doesn’t get old very fast and will be fun as there will be most assuredly more gameplay from Bioware for it.

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