Microsoft FLIGHT: Why It’s Probably Not Worth Your Time

So, the game I’ve been eagerly waiting for has finally been released to the public, and best of all, it’s free! But what do you get? Well, Microsoft claims that you will experience an all-new gameplay style and defined graphics as well as challenging missions in several aircraft. But is it as good as they claim it to be? That is what I intended to find out.

So, what was it like? Well sadly that I honestly cannot say. Why? Because the game is too powerful for my 3 year-old PC to handle. This I find quite ridiculous because my PC alone can handle several top tier games such as Dragon Age, The Sims 3, Supreme Commander AND Microsoft’s previous instalment; Flight Simulator X, on the highest settings with no problem (although a slightly longer load time). What the problem with FLIGHT was that although the graphics and display settings were set to the lowest possible, it still took my PC to chug out up to around 50% until I had enough and pulled the plug on it (not literally). I quit after 45 minutes had gone by and the little gold bar travelled across the screen slower than paint can dry. I literally went off to the toilet, had a shower, got changed AND had a small conversation with my family during the time it took to get up to 47%.

But beforehand I knew this was going to be painfully slow, The FLIGHT entrance box that pops up after you click the icon took around about 2 minutes to cut out and even after that, the Microsoft Games Studio’s logo animation was going around about 2-3 FPS.  The title, although it was very well made, was laggy, and I knew that even if I managed to get it to load, the frame rate would be terrible.

So what did I do? I went back to the FLIGHT homepage and discovered that the minimum requirements were as follows:

OS: Windows XP SP3 or better

2 GB of RAM

2.0Ghz Processor

10GB of free hard drive space

256 GPU card or better

Can YOUR PC handle this at the described minimum settings?

Now, my PC is over 3 years old, and it has met AND EXCEEDED those minimum requirements! Yes I have XP on Service Pack 3, Yes I have 2 GB of RAM, Yes I have an AMD Athlon X II 2.6 Ghz processor, Yes I have 10GB of free hard drive space and YES I have a 512MB Radeon 3650HD Sapphire graphics card. AND SOMEHOW I CANNOT RUN THE GAME!!!

So from those statistics, and from the truth, I know now that Microsoft has blatantly lied about the minimum requirements. I’d say you’ll need about 3.0 Ghz and over 4GB of RAM to make this game work. And if you don’t believe me, try it yourself if your PC is old enough. It’s free to download and play after all. But unfortunately, Microsoft has to get their heads together and realise that some people do not have god machines such as Alienwares under their desks.

However what I can say about this game is, you somehow need to buy certain areas (such as Hawaii) if you want to expand your experience. On the other hand, the in-game virtual cockpits look much more realistic and defined compared to Flight Simulator X and the weather effects are absolutely dynamic and believable.

What my verdict is, for those of you who have PCs over 2-3 years old, don’t bother. It’s a waste of time, space and processing power. If you do have a powerful PC, then by all means, download it if you’re interested. I would love to play this game but sadly, I think that i’ll need to get a new computer to do so. So in the meantime, I’ll just stick to Flight Simulator X, at least there, you get the whole world to explore.

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