Minoru: The 3D Webcam!

Hello everyone, please meet Minoru, your new techie best friend! What is a Minoru, you ask? Minoru is a webcam which allows you to take pictures and stream live video in 3D. That’s right 3D!

Minoru works with and allows you to video chat through all your favorite services like: Windows Live Messenger, Skype, AOL Instant Messenger, and OoVoo. Minoru is also extremly easy to use and install, simply plug it into the nearest USB port and done. Minoru comes alive with light up eyes which will capture your every movement in 3D for your friends and family to see and enjoy. If you are a Youtuber, Minoru will allow you to capture and  upload 3D video, giving your fans a very new and captivating online viewing experience. No super special glasses are needed for Minoru, just a simple pair of red and cyan 3D lens glasses and your fans are good to go.  So if you are looking for a fun and new way to video chat, take pictures, or stream, than Minoru: The 3D Webcam is just for you!

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