Misconceptions about “Hardcore Gamers”

We’ve all heard the term before right? I mean we see these alleged hardcore gamers all the time. “Dude I just bought the new Call of Duty, I can’t wait to play.” They always talk about Prestige. Now here’s some hardcore honest to goodness truth. If you only play Call of Duty or games similar to Call of Duty, you’re not hardcore! Now this is going to generate a lot of hate and I’m well aware of that. What I’m saying is if you only play one game series or genre of gaming, you’re not hardcore. This goes if you only play sports games, or platformers, etc.  I pick of Call of Duty mostly because the game has a set of fans who only play that series or shooters and always talk about how people who don’t play it aren’t true gamers, or aren’t hardcore. So I’m posting this as the biggest counter argument to the hardcore gamer argument.

In truth what makes a person a hardcore gamer is dedication. A true hardcore gamer could have no systems, and thereby no games. I mean not all of us have the money or permission to buy games. Now some of you may be asking how on earth is this possible. I’m clearly shaking some world views right? Well maybe not quite that drastic… Anyway, back to my point. A hardcore gamer follows the news updates on several games they are interested in. They listen to the trailers and reviews (sometimes..) of the games. If they lack the ability to play it they can read up on the lore of the universe in the game. Getting immersed and just enjoying the games for what they are. Constructive criticism also makes for a true hardcore gamer. “This game sucks, it’s nothing like the original.” or “This game sucks, it’s not [insert game here].” Good constructive criticism is the following: “Well the game was pretty good, I mean this was this companies first time making a game, so here’s what I think could have helped. A local multiplayer co-op, a bit more diversity and access to the powers of each character, and also allowing all six members of the team out at once. Oh and a lot more of the triple threat with the zombies vs spec-ops vs Wolfpack” That was my critiques on Operation Raccoon City in case anyone was wondering, but that’s a review for another time.

The biggest thing about being a hardcore gamer is finding new ways to challenge yourself in games you play. I once had a conversation with a friends boyfriend about how I felt the main game of Little Big Planet was too easy. He agreed that if you just play the game straight through it is a bit easy for most people. On a side note I’m not saying you’re not a hardcore gamer if you are challenged by what some might call “easy games” everyone has different levels of experience and abilities. He went on to say how if you get online with LBP2 and try to compete with the timed scores and collecting all the items and stuff the challenge ramps up. Now many people would say the LBP series is casual right? Similar to Mario games. Well that’s how you take these so-called casual games and make them “hardcore.” Challenge yourself to beat it in the fastest time possible or do fancy tricks or collect all the items in the stage, or race a friend in the stage or whatever you can.

I’ve come to find that the truest hardcore gamers are the ones who never say they are hardcore. They also respect everyone’s views and opinions about games, so long as they have a valid explanation as to why they have these views.

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