Feature: MW3 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Well Mostly The Good….

If you go on the Internet and search the keywords: Modern Warfare 3, you will almost immediately find a ton of hate surrounding the game. Don’t get me wrong I was a bit disappointed with this addition to the series but I still do believe that it’s been beaten up a bit more than necessary. So, I have decided to compile a list of what makes MW3 a good game and why I still go back to it after sessions of extreme frustration.

1: Campaign links and ties.

Modern Warfare 2 was known for having an addictive campaign with a tense story and it has only risen to an even greater degree of awesomeness with MW3. This title is the (supposedly) last Modern Warfare game and that’s what makes the campaign so enjoyable. Everything has built up to this game creating an amazing finale that blows you away.

2: Spec Ops Survival Mode.

This is a great addition to the game that comes in handy when you have a few mates round your house or you want to try a bit of lone wolf action. The progression of upgrades and ranks in the survival really keeps you on your toes, creating the perfect tension racked survival game mode.

3: Kill Streak Packages and Activation.

I knew I had to touch on these two small yet game-making gems (although I do admit that the packages aren’t exactly small changes).
First off, the kill streak activation. This gives you the ability to choose from the kill streaks you have earned which one you want to use next. Once you have earned more than one kill streak, you can toggle between them and select whichever one you want to use. This adds a tactical side to Call of Duty which I feel was missing beforehand.
Now, the packages. This helps you define the way you play, making the kill streaks fit around your play style. There are 3 packages that are balanced and it becomes a necessity to pick the right one that fits both your custom class and your level of play.

4: Community Game Modes.

Finally Activision is listening to their community and are slowly starting to introduce game modes created in the private match customisation tool. This removes the boundary between the consumer and the developer which I feel has been a big problem in the previous COD games. The current community game mode is great to have fun on and really lets you take on MW3 with a positive attitude.

5: Maps

I know this one will be quite short but it is a fact that I feel needs to be said. MW3 has been released with many more maps than the previous titles. This immediately adds more content into the game that doesn’t need to be brought in overpriced map packs.

6: Kill Confirmed.

I swear to god this game mode is almost as good as wager matches in Black Ops. This is the only game mode I have actually played so far (with 13 hours playing time). I honestly cannot stop playing it; it’s something about its simple-ness that just makes it so addictive and easy to play. This is a great addition and I hope this will be incorporated into the next Call of Duty game.

7: Point streaks.

Relating to what I said earlier about packages and kill streaks, Activision has introduced a new system. When I was talking about toggle-able kill streaks I was actually lying, there aren’t any kill streaks. (Did anyone notice what I was doing?). There are actually POINT streaks, these force people to work together as a team as it encourages players to shoot down air support, capture flags and destroy any enemy support in order to gain their own kill streaks. This brings an interesting concept that people help their team out of their own selfishness, but it works. I find more teammates actually being helpful than in the previous COD titles and it is a breath of fresh air. Activision has got it right this time.

Overall I think that MW3 will be a great experience if you understand that yes there will be annoying moments but what games are perfect eh? You need to take this game with a positive approach and take frustrating deaths lightly. Look at the bright side of it, smile and enjoy yourself. Laugh whenever you get killed by martyrdom. Squeal with delight whenever you get spawn killed by an attack helicopter. Maybe even start masturbating after your character is blown to smithereens by a random Bouncing Betty because, let’s be honest here, it’s just a game and if you don’t start growing up and facing MW3 like a man, then I suggest going back to your GI Joe.
Now, if you’ll excuse me I believe I have some kills to confirm.

Lucas Jones

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