My Fascination with Alternative War games

So, I have always been a fan of war games.  Shooter games that are based around conflict.  But what really interests me is the games that are more off to the side than the common FPS and third-person shooter games.  I have always loved when something different comes out based on war.  An example is the Battlestations series, a set of two games based around the naval conflicts during World War II rather than what happened on land.  It allows for the player to control both planes and warships in an attempt to tell the story about the Pacific theater and the side of the war that was based more around what was done at sea rather than what was done on land.  This brought a whole new element to a war game and made the whole World War II idea a little less beat to hell.

Another game that fell into this category of Alternative war games was that of a game that will soon have its own article about it as a game I miss, Battletanks.  It was a futuristic game for the N64 that based everything on the potential of a near apocalyptic world where all of the battles are fought by tanks, with different factions as well as a few different kinds of tanks as well as power ups.  I loved that game and it had an interesting take to it as a tank-only game.  It was fun to play and kept me interested in war games.

War games have always been great fun, but as of late there hasn’t been too much to catch my interest and make me want to stick with war games.  COD and Battlefield don’t excite me like they used to and they cannot hold my attention for more than 20 minutes it seems.

Oh well. If anyone has suggestions to alternative war games, please let us all know in the comments below.

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