My Progression Back to being a PC Gamer

So I used to be a huge Xbox fanboy and almost exclusively played it, with the exception of my Wii but then again, its a Wii.  But over the past year I have come very far in what I have been gaming and realized how much better gaming is on a PC than on any console ever could be.

With the fact that I go to college here in the US, I had to find a way to play games while at college where it was impossible to bring my console with me (I commute, which means I don’t live at college).  So I had tried to get back into PC gaming during the summer as preparation to start playing PC games again. I started playing Civilization 4 and it was an okay game, but I was never familiar with the series up until that point and struggled to play it.  As such, I stopped playing PC games for a little bit because I got frustrated.  Then one of my friends convinced me to play WoW, since then I haven’t looked back.  Even though I only played the game until the end of last summer, I was hooked on the MMO scene and have played several since then, including Diablo 3 and SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic).  It seems that on those types of games that I have really gotten back into it because they give me a great way to waste time without getting too boring after a lot of time put into the games (I did get bored with WoW though).

The big kicker to get me to stay with it was getting into the world of Starcraft.  I freaking love this game and cannot put it down for too long.  My grades in the fall semester dipped because I was playing it so much.  Even though I’m not very good at the game, (Gold at best) it offers great competition, and even when I get frustrated at the game, there are always custom games to play to relieve some of the stress.  You don’t have that in any console games because they don’t allow much user content into the game.  Even then, when I would play console games I would sometimes get so frustrated and not be able to take anything easy.  With PC games it’s the opposite.It makes it so much easier to be able to have a good time while gaming.

I love the transition I have made to a PC gamer and with the hopes that in the future I can afford a better PC gaming rig and be able to play even more games that my laptop currently can’t handle.

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