New teaser trailer released for Hardware

Remember several weeks ago that I did an article about the upcoming game known as Hardware, well, the people at Blackbird Interactive have recently uploaded a short teaser trailer of the game to the public and boy does it look good.

Now if you do look closely at it, you would have noticed that it is just a rough animation of several pieces of concept art. Then again, it is in a similar style to the cutscenes found in the Homeworld series (as it’s made by the same people) but it does give an indication to what the game will be like, as well as giving a small hint that there may be a deeper plot to this than we first imagined.

This is what I'm on about!

This is what I’m on about!

The video shows a good range of vehicles ranging from buggies to aircraft, as well as potential wrecks that you can find. One wreck caught my eye in particular. The yellow derelict with the large number 15 on the side looks strikingly similar to either one of the resource collectors you can play in Homeworld 2. To further back this up, the number 15 was used in the early days of Homeworld 2′s development. (Plus the fact that again, the game is made by the same people.)

However on the downside, the video doesn’t show direct in-game footage. Therefore no-one still doesn’t know what it fully looks like. But other from that, it still looks very exciting.

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