New Years Day Black Ops 2 Tournament!

Who?  You, the readers of will have the chance to compete against one another, as well as the readers of another website, n3rdabl3.

What?  It will be a Black Ops 2 tournament in which there will be three rounds.  One round for each of the individual sites readers, and then the top four from each of those matches moves into the championship round.  That will then make it possible to give out prizes for the top three competitors regardless of which site they come from.

When? The games will take place starting at 5:00 p.m. est on New Years day

Where? Wherever you come from as a reader are welcome to participate in this tournament.  However, this is an Xbox 360 only tournament.

What’s the prize?  The winner of the championship round will win 1600 Microsoft points as well as being featured on each of the sites Youtube channels.  The second place person will be featured on both youtube channels.  And the third place person will be given the choice of being featured on one of the Youtube Channels

How can you enter?  You can enter by first registering with the site, and then commenting on this article with your name and your gamertag – Be sure to share this article with your friends so they can get involved too.  We will then have a running list of people involved and then cut off when we hit the required amount.


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