News from the WoT frontline: The Chinese have emerged from a long sleep.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, it has been a busy year for World of Tanks, but I also have to congratulate them for winning the best MMO of 2012 at the Golden Joystick awards! But despite their victory over games such as SW:TOR and LoL, It seems however that the recent physics upgrades and British tanks were not enough to satisfy the people up in Wargaming. So as a result, they’ve decided to add the Chinese into the never ending mayhem!

It is quite unsurprising though for a WoT player such as myself that their appearance would come so soon. The famous Chinese Type 59 tank, (look at the famous picture of the man standing in front of the line of tanks if you’re unsure which one it is) was put as a premium tank for several months at a cost of a staggering £16. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy one, but then again, I wouldn’t pay that amount for a tank anyway, especially seeing as its only a tier VIII medium tank which I can easily destroy in my tier VII Jagpanther tank destroyer. Now, however, you cannot buy the T59 as its availability is now expired. On the whole, a total of three Chinese premium tanks have been released in the past, and we all knew that from then on, the entire free tank tech tree was to follow.

So what will we expect? Surprisingly unlike the British tanks, which were 100% original, (apart from the Soviet premiums such as the Matilda, Churchill, Valentine and Tetrarch, if you want to include them.)  the Chinese tank tech tree is somewhat a mish-mash of Soviet, french and surprisingly American tanks. It holds the Soviet IS-2 and T-34, the French Renault NC-31 and the American M5.

Now apart from the IS-2 and the NC-31, the T-34 and M5 are already in the game with their rightful countries. So what does this mean? Are Wargaming losing their touch or do the Chinese really have a limited tank list? It is well known that in the past that the Chinese did borrow heavily from the Soviet Union, so I can’t really judge.

On the whole, I’m not too excited about the Chinese compared to what I was like with the British. I think I’ll just concentrate on getting my long-overdue Tiger II in the meantime.

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