Noogra Nuts (Android/iOS) Game Review

From the creator of Photaf Panorama Oren Bengigi, comes Noogra Nuts! A fun little platform game involving a squirrel head butting nuts while jumping to avoid boulders.

A little more fun that it sounds, Noogra Nuts is entertaining for people of all ages despite its child like appearance. You control the chubby little squirrel by tilting your device to move him, and try and let as many nuts as you can crack him on the head, (like a really odd ‘keepy uppy’) to eventually break them open and eat the nut inside. Points are awarded in steps with the first hit being 1 point, the second 5 points and once the nut is free, 10+ points for eating it (points vary depending on what type of nut you’re dealing with.)
It may sound simple and easy but you’re also faced with obstacles that come barrelling towards the podgy little rodent and to avoid them you have to tap the screen to jump up out of the way.

There are three game types, Classic, Jungle and Survival, but only Classic is available in the free version. You can unlock Jungle mode for free but you have to ‘like’ their fan page on Facebook, you can also unlock Survival for free by buying it with the in game currency ‘Noogra coins’ you can earn ‘Noogra coins’ in game or by downloading other games, or signing up to Netflix. Alternatively you can buy the ‘unlocker’ from the Play Store for £1.25 and unlock both Jungle and Survival mode. Noogra coins can also be used to buy hats for the little fella, some hats are decorative but others come with special powers like 15% larger or more than one squirrel in play.
Each time you get a certain high score it unlocks a different achievement and along with that, a new nut to crack with higher points during gameplay.
Classic mode gives you two minutes to get as many points as possible, and the same goes for Jungle mode, the only difference is that you’re in a Jungle and there are poisonous nuts to avoid and boulders to bounce over.

Survival mode has unlimited time but involves more obstacles to avoid, and if you get hit three times yoouuurrreee outta there!

This simple concept is easy to get the hang of and fun to play and my highest score so far is 8422 in Classic Mode.

Noogra Nuts is available for free on both Android and iOS.

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