Offensive Combat, a game that will end up making you shout – “BOOM C**kshot!”

Now I’m no stranger to MMO’s or FPS’s, but when multiplayer games come to grotesque, humorous, and downright entertaining standards, Offensive Combat really does tick all of the boxes.

What is Offensive Combat exactly? Well, think of Team Fortress 2 with it being all cartoony and brash, then take away everything to do with it, including the Valve logo, hats, and the Steam client, and add in new maps, guns, customisable characters and ludicrous gestures and BAM! you’ve got Offensive Combat…sort of. To put it simply, Offensive Combat is an online web-browser game that appears as if it should really be on the Steam client or even on a CD. Although the style has a similar TF2 cartoonish look to it, the overall possibility of a game that complex and that detailed on a WEB SERVER is quite remarkable.

At this moment in time the game is in its Beta stages, but even so there is a lot of content available. There are five maps that are all different and sure enough due to their alternate layouts they play differently as well. You will either have to work as a team to win, or not depending if its a free for all game. The guns you can buy range from realistic, modern-day firearms to bizarre alien weapons and ridiculous kiddie toys such as an inflatable chicken, wooden toy sword or a ham on a stick.

The character customisation allows you to change how your character looks and how they show off their victory against shooting you in the head or…um…genitalia… The default look is a green robot, but you can rent new skins when they’re available once you’ve leveled up. If you have plenty of coins on you, you can even buy items permanently, although it requires several thousand coins rather than the measly 100-500 coins to rent the item for a few days. The character skin areas you can change are the head, torso, arms, hands, feet, and legs and there are many styles to choose from, such as a giant banana, giant panda, a soldier, another robot (if you really want) and many more. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can create a mixture of who knows what. You decide.

For the weapons you can choose several perks to make life a little easier for you. The default ones include: faster sprint charge, better coin magnet, faster reload, bigger clip sizes, and so on. Once you’ve earned enough coins and progressed higher through the levels, you can rent or purchase newer and better perks when available.

Capture the flag gameplay is one of the many game modes you can have fun with.

Now, lets get into what it’s like to play the game. Well, if you’re no stranger to FPS’s, you’ll know that the overall layout of the game is pretty much the same, you’ve got a gun in your hands, you point, you shoot. Simple…and there is always another person who just keeps on owning you again and again, I must include that… But on a more serious note, it’s appearance is quite remarkable and can even put mainstream games such as Team Fortress 2 to shame. And the best thing of all, its all displayed on a web server, heck, it could be put on a new tab right next to Facebook if you really want! It’s gameplay holds a mixture of CoD stay low and snipe (or camp) as well as pure adrenaline as you sprint over buildings and structures as if you’re playing Crysis 2 (except more cartoony). On the maps you can find pickups ranging from better weapons (such as a missile launcher or mini-gun) to health upgrades and 2x xp for every kill you make. There are multiple game modes including Capture the Flag, Free for All, Team Deathmatch, and so on.

That’s got to hurt.

Offensive Combat isn’t a game to be taken seriously. It shows it. Heck, it even displays its humour through sound as the announcer sounds just like Joe Swanson from Family Guy (especially when he says that you suck when you lose). When you kill someone by shooting them in the…uh…genitals, it displays a great big sign saying ‘C**KSHOT!’ with a cartoon chicken being killed. And the cherry on top of that cake, yep, a chicken noise. Its a good laugh overall, and it is a good game to play with friends as there is no download or installation necessary to play. Just go on the website, log on and play. Simple.

Make sure you walk over the green pads to jump across, otherwise it’s a long way down!

However, the downside to this game must be the lack of maps. Sure there are five great maps, but still after a while the novelty will wear off and people will get tired of its repetition. Especially when some appear exactly the same overall albeit with a different layout. This is the kind of problem we mostly see in games such as CoD. There lacks a certain amount of diversity in the game. Sure there is a map that’s in space, that’s good, really good but it needs more. Team Fortress 2 has a wide range of maps that allow players to move around certain areas, as well as to be forced through open areas and choke points. In Offensive Combat, they’re all the same, they all allow the players to move about in one or two alternate directions and thus people get easily picked off by snipers.

But still, its a start, and boy is it a good one. Nothing I know matches this game in terms of complexity and appearance on a platform that we use to send E-mails and tweets. I feel that this game will go far, and even outmatch Team Fortress 2 one day. But one thing I know is, I’ve bookmarked the webpage and I’ll be back for more!

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