OnLive PlayPack 200 Celebrations

The Cloud gaming service, OnLive, has been doing well recently with it now offering over 200 titles in it’s PlayPack subscription service. To celebrate this milestone, OnLive will be hosting PlayPack 200, an event in which there will be 200 hours of non-stop festivities for current OnLive fans and newcomers to the service.

Events being run include: 200-minute multiplayer events, PlayPack 200 Sweepstakes as well as a intoductory offer with access to all 200+ for only (yes, you guessed it) 200 pence ($2 US). This limited time offer will be available on multiple devices, including your Mac, PC, TV’s with OnLive Games System and Android tablets.

The PlayPack 200 celebrations start today right up until Saturday 28th April.

Check out the offer here (UK link)  Or here (US link)


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