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This is the first of a series of articles I plan on doing called “Patrick’s Bargain Bin.”  In this series, I will review games that are under $15 in order to help people game on a budget and still have quality experiences.  In this series, the criteria for what makes a game good are a little looser.  Since these games are so cheap, you have to be more forgiving than if you were playing a brand new $60 game.  That being said, let’s talk about MadWorld!

Jack Cayman in all his bloody glory, props to MauroIllustrator for the picture, here’s his deviantart page, go check it out:


In MadWorld the basic story is about a televised event called Death Watch, where the contestants kill each other in extremely violent ways to get points and climb the ranks.  The winner is promised wonderful rewards once they climb to the top.  Ente

r Jack Cayman (voiced by the extremely talented Steve Blum), the main character.  Jack is a [email protected]$$ through and through, bad attitude, completelyjacked (pun intended), and there was something else… oh yeah!  HE HAS A MECHANICAL ARM WITH A RETRACTABLE CHAINSAW!  Yeah, Jack is a pretty awesome protagonist to play as and really gives you a sense of power.  Your goal is to climb through the ranks and become number one.  There is a feeling of a film noire as you find out more about the games, Jack’s history, and his motives.  After you get sponsored by Agent XIII, you enter the game and get down to the madness.


What’s black and white and red all over? MadWorld.  The game is done in a fantastic looking cell-shaded, comic book style.  There are only 2 colors in the game, red and yellow.  Red is the blood that gets splattered everywhere and yellow gives you notifications, such as when you’re near something you can pick up or interact with.  The rest of the game is done in black and white.  Now some people might think this is lazy, but, if you take a step back, you realize it’s a truly wonderful design choice.  Without color, you have the opportunity to take in the environments and character designs.  You focus more on the game and looking for things that you can interact with.  It fits the tone of the game very well.  The use of comic panels to tell the story lets you focus on what is being said, which is very

Jack tearing people to pieces with a chainsaw, a wonderful contrast with the black and white shadows and shades the blood spattering everywhere.

important.  The game can also be really funny.  While playing through each level, you get to enjoy the hilarious back and forth commentary between Kreese Kreely and Howard Holmes, who are voiced by the very talented John DiMaggio and Greg Proops.  The commentary helps keep the level entertaining in multiple ways and works very well as a contrast to the extreme violence and gore.  These characters are even used during the credits to make fun of the staff, which gives you a real reason to watch the credits, which actually feel like a reward for finishing the game.  These elements work very well together to create a very engaging experience.


MadWorld is a bloody, free roaming, hack ‘n slash, arcade style game.  In each level, you have 30 minutes to rack up enough points to fight the boss of the level.  You score points by getting kills in unique and interesting ways.  There are several options you have in terms of killing your enemies.  The basic controls are using the analog stick on the nunchuck to move, the Z button to jump, press A to do a basic attack, hold A to grab enemies and pick up environmental objects and swinging the Wii Remote to throw or use them, B to pull out your chainsaw, swing the Wii Remote vertically or horizontally to swing the chainsaw, and up on the D-pad to pick up equip-able weapons, health and 1-ups.  You can also perform finishing moves when prompted by either pressing B or holding A and following the on-screen quicktime prompts.  Throughout the level as you score more points, certain things are unlocked.  These range from madness dispensers that give weapons, health, and 1-

The Black Baron, the king of Death Watch, and one of his lovely assistants–who constantly kill him.

ups, and Bloodbath Challenges, which give you an opportunity to rack up a ton of points.  Speaking of Bloodbath Challenges, these things are awesome.  Each one is explained by a hilarious character by the name of the Black Baron.  He will give a short verbal description of how the challenge works before his assistant comes up and kills him using the challenge.  He is there at each challenge and never sees his death coming; it’s very funny each time.  These challenges can range from Man Darts, where you launch enemies into a dart board and are scored accordingly, to the Death Press, a giant press that squishes people you throw into it.  Most of these are a lot of fun, although some of them can be a little confusing at first.  As you go through each level, you will end up at a boss fight.  The main goal of these fights is to initiate a power struggle, which is a quicktime event that allows you to do some serious damage.  Eventually you will perform an entertaining finisher move.  My personal favorite is when you steal the guns from a certain boss and shoot him down to nothing but a skeleton.  Each boss fight is interesting and fun.  Overall, the game is very fun to play and you really revel in the violence.  You get the same enjoyment out of this game as you would from seeing an over the top action movie.  It’s violent and fun for the sake of being violent and fun.


Now, no game is perfect and I don’t want you going in expecting this to be any different.  There are a few flaws.  The camera can be a bit difficult to work with and there can be some frustrating enemies.  The controls can be a bit stiff and some bosses are frustrating and a bit too difficult to figure out how to beat.  Initiating power clashes can be frustrating to initiate and not every boss is very forgiving.  Certain Bloodbath Challenges are a bit difficult to figure out and hard to get a decent score off of.  The game is also short, about 3 hours, but it does have replay value and it’s priced to counteract this.

Elise, the final boss of the monster-themed Castle level.


Now, you can have all of this fun for just $2!  No, that’s not a typo, just $2!  This game costs 1/5th the price of a movie, less than a value meal at a fast food place, less than the batteries to get the Wii Remote working.  Now that you know how little this game costs, there’s no reason for you not to get it if you have a Wii.  It’s fun, unique, interesting, and has plenty of replay value through the score system and a Hard Mode.  My rating system, from worst to best is as follows.  The “Get it cheap” rating has been removed since this is the Bargain Bin.

Burn it with the fires of a thousand evils

Just plain bad

Pretty Bueno

Very Bueno


Since this is a 2 dollar game, I give this game a rating of Very Bueno, there is no reason not to give this game a try.

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