Pay attention gamers of Class 3

Have you like me, ever played left for dead or dead rising and thought to yourself, this isn’t enough?

Are you one of those people that wants a world without bounds, thus allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the game?

Then, pay attention, because codename Class 3 is for you.

Class 3 is the name which Undead Labs have settled to tell the public for their up and coming console Zombie open world survival game, with a twin partner called Class 4 which will be a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), that’s right a MMO zombie survival game, if you weren’t interested I bet you are now. The game is self is reportedly better than anything on the market at the moment and is revolutionary in the way it works, but I’ll let you decided that yourself. I will just provide some evidence in favour of why it might be.

Firstly the people actually making the game. The company itself was established by Jeff strain, (for those that don’t know him he was a co-creator of WoW), but looking more at the developers themselves, it includes many faces which have worked on well established games such as Guild Wars or Diablo, do those sound familiar to you? Of course they do, they are good game and this provides evidence that Class 3 may be in the same league. The game is going to be published by Microsoft Game Studios, thus most likely causing it to be an Xbox exclusive with a possible PC version.

Then we look at what media has been released, a small snippet of behind the scenes footage was released recently from the games production labs. It can be viewed here. Showing some early game play footage and a quick peak at the zombies themselves, from what is shown, it looks as if there may be different types of zombies, such as those like in left for dead, but a lot less comical. There is also more footage and images available on their site located here. Check that link out it has videos of the game running on CryENGINE 3 and more.

Although there is no definite news on whether or not the Game will be available via XBLA or via retail stores it is unknown. However what is known is that Class 4 its Multiplayer sister will not be available for some time. Undead Labs aims to make it so Class 3 is their base on which to build Class 4. Which in my opinion is a good idea, thus preventing such a catastrophe as Dead Island,which once you hit Multiplayer, became riddled with bugs ruining the overall gaming experience. By dividing the game in two class 3 and class 4 respectively or in other words single player and Multiplayer , the game can be developed further and better as one wont affect the other. Therefore good luck to Undead Labs in that idea. 


So maybe a zombie survival open world game is still a possibility after the fiasco which was Dead Island. Who can tell but time? Class 3 is scheduled for release at some point in 2012.


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