Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal Review

So you may have seen the trailers and gameplay for this game and thought “That just looks like a Super Smash Brothers rip-off.”  Now, the idea is similar, taking characters from popular games and having them fight, but why does that have to be a bad thing?  How many people have you heard talk about how Kratos from God of War or Dante from Devil May Cry would make good fighting game characters?  Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal takes popular characters from popular Playstation titles and some from multi-platform and throws them together in a party fighter.  Since there is no story and I already talked about the mechanics in my first impressions article, which you can find on this site, the main thing to talk about is the game feel and the aesthetics.


Playing the beta of the game gave me a good understanding of the game and the way it works, but a large part of a fighting game is the cast as a whole.  Each character has their own play style and it all feels balanced.  Characters that build special meter faster have sub-par super attacks, while characters that take more time to build meter compensate with better supers.  I have played as the entire cast and the only character I didn’t feel I could play well was Nariko from Heavenly Sword, but I have played online and seen people play well as her.  As a whole the gameplay is very enjoyable and is easy to learn.  I was playing against my friends who hadn’t played the game before and after I told them the controls, they were able to play perfectly well.  There are items and stage hazards to affect fights, but these can be turned off.


Each character has a style from their game; Sly Cooper is done in a cell-shaded style while Kratos is pulled straight from God of War.  Nobody looks out of place because of the way levels are designed.  Each level is a mash-up of two different game, such as InFamous and Sly Cooper, or BioShock with Twisted Metal.  The game is pleasing to look at and it is easy to tell what is going on.  Levels are entertaining in their own right and it is fun to see how the mash-up plays out.


Overall, the game is pleasing to look at and has a fun cast of characters.  The mechanics are unique and fun while the game itself is easy to play.  I enjoy this game a lot and it’s nice to see that other developers can make a good party fighter.

I give this game a Very Bueno.  If you have a Playstation 3, it’s a game you should get your hands on.

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