Pokémon X and Y Announced

Pokémon X and Y, the first 3D entries in the main series have been announced for the 3DS through a Nintendo Direct Broadcast. The games will feature a full 3D world with sprites being replaced by full 3D models. There will also be a whole new set of Pokémon as usual, although the exact number is yet to be revealed. So far, only the 3 starters have been officially announced, Chespin the grass type, Fennekin the fire type and Froakie the water type. Two more were shown in the trailer, presumably the X and Y themed cover stars of the games, but no further details have been given.

The other big news is the games’ release date, October 2013. The games will be released simultaneously worldwide, a first for the series, so the notoriously long localisation delay will no longer be a problem for fans of the series who have previously had to import the game early on.

This announcement may come as a surprise to many, so soon after Black and White 2’s release, but the initial reaction seems to be overwhelmingly positive. The long wait for a fully fledged 3D Pokémon is finally over and I, for one, am incredibly excited.




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