Prestige or not

Prestige seems to be the thing that has long kept a lot of gamers playing the Call of Duty Franchise, allowing for people to start over, giving them the opportunity to start fresh for the opportunity to display a shiny new symbol next to their gamertag.  Well, now we can say Black Ops 2 has taken pretiging to the next level with the fact that you can do prestiging of your player, as well as prestiging weapons. In this guide we will look at both and figure out if it is worth it or not to prestige in Black Ops 2.

Player Prestige

This is the big one that some of us love and some of us hate.  Prestiging will have its benefits much like how it did for Modern Warfare 3. It will allow for you to have a token for each time you prestige, which can let you do one of three things from my understanding.  That is that they will let you permanently reset all of your stats back to the beginning  allow you to have another created class and allows you a refund of all of the unlock token you have used so far that prestige.  As an added bonus you can unlock any one item permanently  never having to have a level requirement to unlock it again.  Finally, your weapon experience does not reset, so you still have all of the attachments that you have earned thus far for that weapon.

So now the question becomes, are those couple of things worth it to prestige?  I Think that yes, it does for the first few times that you do it.  The first several items you can permanently unlock can be very key, as many people will unlock ghost to deal with the constant UAV’s that are coming around.  I believe it should be either the first thing you choose to unlock or the second.  Personally I choose to unlock the AN-94, which is the best assault rifle in my opinion, however, Ghost will be the unlock for the second prestige around so that when there are all the people who get the game for Christmas, then they will again be constantly putting up UAV’s.

So in my opinion, it will be most beneficial to prestige several times to get the total amount of ten classes as well as some of the things that aren’t unlocked until later in the game that are most beneficial.  So in the end it is best to prestige several times and after that it is up to player choice to prestige again.

Weapon Prestige

The weapon prestige is a bit different from the player prestige.  Unlike before, when you prestige your player, you no longer lose all of the attachments for the gun.  Instead you keep all of them with the option to prestige the gun for other benefits down the road.

However, the benefits really aren’t all that spectacular, just the opportunity for new camos, emblem and clan tag on your gun, and things to add to the creating of your own emblem  nothing too substantial.

The only thing that would be worth the two prestiges for the guns is that you reset the challenges for the guns which would allow you to gain more experience by prestiging them.  I find this could be helpful toward the end of a prestige, such as after level 45, to just give that extra push towards the goal of level 55.

The Conclusion

Prestige has always been a player choice and it should be kept that way.  Players won’t be punished for choosing to prestige, but also won’t be for not prestiging.  In the end, many people will prestige but it isn’t something that would be, or should be required of the players.  There is always the goal of getting to the m


aster prestige, which is given once all of the challenges have been completed and all prestiges done, but the amount of time to put in to that would require a special, devoted player.  Again, the only benefit is the opportunity for a new emblem which would show you that you are the best of the best, but it is something for those true serious players.

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