Resident Evil 6: Platinum Edition. (With New Screenshots)

Are you a Resident Evil Fan? And I don’t mean a casual fan, one which would only play the Capcom series occasionally, I mean an avid devout follower of the series who has had every game from start to end and seen every film etc etc.

Then your going to need this, The Resident Evil 6: Platinum Edition.

For a small sum of $1,240 (translates to about £760), that’s right only $1,240! You can get the Platinum Edition. Now you could argue your getting your monies worth, I would disagree but that is just me. Included in the pack is; of course a copy of the game, 4 phone cases (one relating to Chris, One to Leon, One to Jake and a secret ‘random’ case.) Now if that isn’t enough to encourage you to buy this. They are also including a replica leather jacket based on the one Leon wears in-game. Its not some fake leather either, its made from, according to Capcom, soft fine leather. This could mean its very cheap looking and feels flimsy. But hey you look cool right?

If you want one, they are only available for purchase from Capcoms Japanese E-Store with only 5,000 units available so you had best be quick at ordering one! Screenshots below:


[nggallery id=7]

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