Resident Evil 6: Review.

Let me start this off by saying,  “Everyone please remove your nostalgia glasses. Thank you and lets begin.”
I picked this game up on release day, sadly missing the midnight release but, alas. I bought a special archives version which has some neat features but those aren’t really important. So I pop the game into my Xbox, watch the title screen, filled with creepy mutated spiders, load up and then the game says ‘Press Start.’ I follow the on-screen instructions and I am immersed immediately into a cut-scene of Leon and some other as of yet unnamed woman (Helena Harper, for those of you who followed pre-released information) being flung onto the windshield of a truck due to an explosion the cause of which was yet unseen. The game play begins and I’m awestruck at how amazing everything looks. This is just a tutorial teaching you the basics of movement, healing, and shooting. Continue on a little further into a chase scene and you learn how to run and spring and your running down a highway filled with cars. It ends with another cut-scene that leaves you wanting to know what just happened, and who the hell Leon and Helena are about to fight, ’cause they seem pretty pissed off at said person.

Sounds pretty exciting, right? And that’s just the tutorial level. After you finish that, you are thrown into the main screen, and allowed to choose from one of three campaigns. Leon, Chris, and Jake (you can unlock a fourth campaign later for Ada, as Capcom so readily advertised). Well, seeing as the tutorial involved Leon that’s who I chose first. I’m not going to reveal any story details here in this game so if your looking for those go acquire the game or look at a different review. I’m here to just discuss gameplay mechanics and how the storyline plays out. So first let’s discuss shooting and aiming. This game has the laser point that was introduced in RE4 but also added the aiming reticle which really helps with accuracy. There are a nice variety of guns featuring different uses, firing speeds, etc. Each campaign has it’s own array of weapons that caters to the campaign you are playing.

Some of the main characters from Resident Evil 6, from left to right: Helena, Piers (bottom), Jake, Sherry, Chris, and Leon.

Now, the next section I will discuss is how each person’s campaign plays. Leon’s campaign has a few more puzzles than the other two, you also encounter primarily zombies with a few B.O.W’s. While some may certainly experience horror, others may not. You will, however, feel a fear for your life, and a struggle to escape and survive. It is an incredible experience of an adrenaline rush. Chris’s campaign involves fighting infected terrorists. They have the ability to fully use weapons. So often you are having firefights in this campaign. Jake’s campaign is unique, you fight more Juova like Chris does but it’s more like your being hunted. There are even parts of stealth in his campaign. Jake’s campaign is the most unique experience of the three.

Let’s discuss gameplay shall we? Many of you saw the trailers which showed the new close quarters combat and dodging abilities. Ducking, sliding and dodging have all be seamlessly implemented into the game with very simple button commands, once you have them memorized you’ll be doing them like it’s second nature in the game. Melee attacks are triggered by pressing one button, press it a few times to chain a combo, you have a combat meter which slowly runs out when you press the melee attack button and refills while you’re not using it. These additions really create a new feeling in the game and were very much needed with the recent changes the series has underwent.

One of the new modes allows you to play as a zombie online and fight other players.

Speaking of let’s talk about story, the change in the series, and how this all ties together to the gameplay. The story is quite simple, a new terrorist organization has attacked a small town in America where the president was staying and simultaneously attacked China. The plot twists and story telling of the gameplay is wonderful. They make some references to previous Resident Evil games, so I’d recommend knowing a bit of Resident Evil history before playing this game. There is a point in single player when playing Leon’s campaign where your partner becomes frantic, searching for something. The A.I. reflects that as she runs down sliding over desks and kicking in doors. The A.I. is built wonderfully into the game, in three campaigns I had only one glitch occur that fixed itself in minutes. Now, I said in the beginning of this review to remove the nostalgia glasses, many may ask why and now is the point I’ll explain. The series has underwent a huge change from the first game. It has become much less horror survival, that much is true, but did you ever stop and think why? Let’s reflect, Leon has survived Raccoon City (including a run-in with the USS Wolfpack)(RE2), the Los Illuminados incident (RE4), as well as Resident Evil Degeneration  and Damnation. Why would he feel terrified about looking at infected anymore. He’s seen it all before and as the player, you are feeling everything he is in the game. Which is amazing! The same can be said for Chris who has also survived Racoon City(RE1), Rockfort Island(RE:Code Veronica), as well as the incidents in Africa(RE5). Both Leon and Chris also encountered other events in DLC and stories revealed only in Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles, in this game you are immersed into the way they see it. The survival horror aspect is altered to flow better with the story and portrayal of the game. When you look at Resident Evil 6 in this perspective the game is amazing. If you keep trying to compare it to it’s roots and try and analyze this game as a pure survival horror game like the originals you won’t enjoy it and you’ll miss out on a great game.

My closing thoughts on this game, definitely recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the Resident Evil series. It’s a great game worthy of picking up and at least giving it a try. The game is challenging and rewarding. Overall, I love this game and will spend many more hours playing it.

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