Resident Evil 6 Update

First things first, these are not Zombies from the original Resident Evil roots, they are not infected by the T-Virus, but are more similar to the infected mutant people found in Resident Evil 5.

It has also been released that we can expect to see a new zombie, one that has been named the “J’avo,” not only is this monster/zombie super aggressive, it is also able to regenerate, great, thats all that we need…

As for Characters, there are 3 playable characters, and the newest being a Mercenary, that people of a younger age will be able to relate too, but I doubt many of its users will have experienced and be able to relate to war, being a mercenary or fighting infected humans. So I do not see where Capcom are coming from in that aspect.

Its also been announced who Leon’s new partner is, Her name is Helena Harper, a government agent charged with protecting the President. Which from what we have seen so far in the advert, she failed to do.

Capcom have announced they have overhauled the controls so it is easier for players to turn and shoot or move and shoot, a feature which is usually somewhat absent in Capcom games, and the last update we received is that the game is set in 2013, 15 years after the first one, are they trying to hint that the world apocalypse so destined to take place in 2012 will be in the form of zombies? If it is, then hell yeah! Grab your weapons boys cause its gonna be great.

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