Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City- A Multiplayer Review

This is gonna be a shorter article than usual, so I apologize in advance, but that’s because there’s not much to talk about here, mostly because it’s just like the rest of the game, it sucks, contrary to all of the reviews I’ve read so far from IGN to GameSpot. The game modes are Quick Match, Team Battle, Biohazard, Heroes, Survival, and Play All.

Quick Match

This pretty much tells the game you wanted to be hurtled into the next available game, regardless of what it is, this can help with speeding up finding player times, but nothing more, and it’s only available in the public option, which finds people for you rather than you inviting your own friends, this can be great, except when you get paired with a bunch of fifty or sixty-somethings, yes the games levels go from one to, I assume, one hundred, I saw one guy who was level ninety-eight, what’s the point of even BEING that high, you must be WELL past getting all of the guns and abilities unlocked, again, what were you thinking Capcom?

The Spec-Ops Echo Six from the multiplayer versus modes, from left to right: Medic, Field Scientist, Surveillance, Demolitions, Assassin, Team Leader/Â Assault

Team Battle

This is like a game of Team Deathmatch in Halo, but without all the charm. It’s that simple: again, you’re stuck with the level problem, also, even more frustratingly, all of the guns except for handguns seem to practically instant kill you, which is completely retarded and takes all the fun out of the game, making you want to rage quit immediately, lastly, it asks you to vote on a place to fight, but it gives you mere seconds on a clock with nearly ten levels to play in, not NEARLY enough time to strategically weigh your options as a class or a player, muchless even get a grasp on what each level is and what creatures it contains within it, why Capcom, why?


I was pleasantly surprised by this mode of gameplay; it’s not nearly as unplayable as Team Battle, God, Team Battle, SO HORRIBLE! Anyway, this is basically like a game of capture the flag except with G-Virus samples and zombies and occasionally some B.O.W.s, overall, it’s not too bad. My only complaint here is that it restricts you to five G-Virus samples for a win, I feel this would be much more interesting and immersive style of gameplay if it was how many G-Virus samples you could carry back to your base in a given time limit, that’s about it.

The characters from Heroes mode, from left to right, top: Lone Wolf, Ada, HUNK, Nicolae bottom: Jill, Leon, Carlos, Claire


This mode isn’t bad, but, again, it’s far from great. It’s like if this game had tried to mate with Star Wars Battlefront II and it had some twisted toxic stillbirth. I know, that sounds horrible, it is. So you start by selecting your hero, now, note, each side only has FOUR heroes, so if you don’t get into the character select screen fast enough, you’re completely SCREWED and are stuck with the one left over character whom no one wanted, thanks a lot Capcom, you couldn’t even be at least a LITTLE creative and add like two or three more characters to each side, what the Hell, I can see this is also causing quite a bit of controversy among friends playing, let me explain why. Each hero has a particular set of skills unlike ANYONE ELSE, for instance, Nicolae is a strange combination of Beltway and Four Eyes, why, I don’t know, but apparently just giving them a class was too straightforward so you will get friends fighting over who they should play as because the abilities are all mixed around and no one wants to come to an agreement because there’s a Four Eyes player and Beltway player in the room, well, we’re screwed. This also leads to EPIC problems for the player because NONE of the heroes abilities are unlocked UNLESS you have unlocked them previously with any one of the six main heroes, so if you’re like me, you’re gonna pissed to find that your character has only one ability unlocked, muchless that you are familiar with, WHAT THE HELL, CAPCOM!? Not mention, even though you START with the hero characters, if you die once, you reverted back to the U.S.S. or Spec Ops players, I have NO idea why, putting you at a MASSIVE disadvantage against the other hero characters, I assume once you get enough kills you can play as a hero again, but this hasn’t been proven, so I don’t know. Why not just make it like the heroes mode in Star Wars Battlefront II, that worked fine, why the Hell did you change it and make it retarded, AND NOT ADD ENOUGH CHARACTERS ON TOP OF THAT!?        


This is the other relatively playable mode in multiplayer versus, Survival. The goal is to get to the chopper when it comes and get on it safely to survive, it’s the last chopper out of Raccoon City, so if you’re not on it, consider yourself dead. This mode has NUMEROUS problems with it, for instance: your kill/death/assist record has nothing to do with whether you can get on the helicopter, allowing the player who did nothing the entire game to get away scot-free, anyone from any team can get on the helicopter, this would be okay, but there’s no system for pushing people off or out of the helicopter and no real way to stop someone from getting on the helicopter other than the traditional way of killing them, and finally, in order to get on, you have to hold ‘A’/ ‘X’ as if you were trying to revive your teammate, this incredibly tedious and totally unnecessary whereas a simple press of the ‘A’/ ‘X’ button would be fine, but apparently that’s not complicated enough.

Play All

This is pretty self-explanatory. It lets you play through all the modes of gameplay, the only problem is, this is only useful or fun if you’re playing with your friends, otherwise, every time a new game starts, the game’s going to have to look for new players for that style of gameplay, making this option incredibly tedious for anyone not playing with their own group of friends. If you have that or don’t mind the time it takes, then it’s very useful, otherwise, it’s just tedious. Overall, this is not promising, even though game reviews have said this is the only good part of this game, they were clearly wrong, if you want to have fun with this game, play the multiplayer campaign mode, tied with all these problems, there’s still the copious problems that the game itself presents, and it appears that the online multiplayer has a hit sensor problem, I’ve had my knife go through a zombie MORE than one time in ONE game, not good. You’re one and half for four, Capcom, that’s not promising, you should have a MUCH better multiplayer versus collection than this, especially as much as you talked it up, I mean, damn, you made it sound like the best thing since Tyrants, too bad you were just feeding us hollow lies…but, I assume after how bad this game bombed, that Slant Six will not be back on ANY projects that Capcom holds, just like what happened to Resident Evil Gaiden, *shudders* (NEVER PLAY THAT GAME), let’s hope Resident Evil 6 will be better than this sadly put together mess.

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