Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City–Myths and Legends

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City has come out to a myriad of low ratings and bad reviews, as I’m sure you’ve noticed already, but there are some rumors going around about it, both in some reviews and just from some general misunderstanding of the game, so I’m going to try to put to rest/confirm as many of those as I can here, if there are any that you’ve heard personally that you’d like me to bust or confirm, please let me know in the comments section below and I will do my best to get you an answer, here we go:

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I. Low amounts/ absence of ammo

This one is just downright wrong, honestly, if anything, this game has an OVERABUNDANCE of ammunition lying around EVERYWHERE. There are small ammo cache boxes scattered throughout every level frequently and easily found as well as large ammo trunks that contain unlimited ammunition. On top of this, you can pick up ANY GUN that the enemy drops after you’ve been killed, so there is clearly NO SHORTAGE OF AMMUNITION. I myself have only had to go looking for ammunition once and I found it only about two rooms away from where I was, no shortage of ammo here.

II. Confusing Objectives

This is, unfortunately, certainly a problem in RE: ORC. Many times you won’t entirely be sure whether you should be running to an objective or fighting the hordes of undead/B.O.W.s/soldiers that block your path, there are objectives that flash in the upper left corner of the screen every time you receive a new part of the mission to complete, but often they are vague and there is no character HUD to pull up in the start menu as with every other Resident Evil game, which does detract from the main playability of the game quite a bit, unfortunately, especially if you have played any of the rest of the series and are used to it. For example, in the middle of the Birkin battle, you are forcibly turned around by the camera to fight Birkin, but after a short time, are then turned around AGAIN to run away with no indication of a clear objective in either situation. Another more drastic situation that pissed me off royally was when I was bombarded by hordes of Hunters being air-dropped in by Umbrella planes, but there was no real objective stating that I had to fight or run from the Hunters. So I assumed, much like the earlier objectives I was given that I had to kill all of the invading Hunters, no, I had to run away from them. I only realized this after desperately running around looking for a Green Herb led me to the way I was supposed to go all along, what the Hell were you thinking, Capcom?

III. Unhelpful A.I. Allies

This is a hit or miss problem, sometimes your allies are completely helpful and diligently help you get through the current objectives, sometimes they are complete retards and walk straight into a clearly marked trap mine, when I say clearly marked, I mean there is a LASER COMING OFF THE WALL ALERTING YOU AS TO EXACTLY WHERE THE MINE IS. This is just depressing sometimes, like in the unfortunate scene I just described. I’ve also seen my allies walk into the middle of oncoming fire and try to melee a soldier, I’ve seen one walk right up to the Nemesis (clearly this guy was suicidal), I’ve seen them throw a flash grenade at a SINGLE ZOMBIE, but I’ve also seen them tear through hordes of oncoming enemies like they were fifteen year old street thugs trying to be tough, translation, you either get Auron or you get Cait Sith, and it’s all up to chance which can lead to some problems scarier than the first time you fought Alfred and Alice’s father in Code Veronica.

IV. Unrealistic A.I. enemies

On the same note, there have been many reviews claiming that when the reviewers battle enemies of any kind they find that they will actually RUN AWAY from their characters. Again, this is completely wrong, I have never once had an enemy of any kind run away from me, in fact, I’ve found, just annoyingly, that many times, no matter what enemy it is, they will exclusively target you and ignore your allies, making them just as unrealistic. I have had a Licker ignore all three of my allies standing in front of me and attack JUST ME with its tongue, this gets ridiculous very quickly, especially if your allies are in Cait Sith mode. On a related note, the same reviewers always mention that the enemies are also either bullet sponges or have seemingly random hit points, where it will take anything from five to twenty shots to kill any one of the same enemy. This isn’t necessarily true, I have run into problems where it will take way too many shots FROM THE BEST SNIPER RIFLE IN THE GAME to kill a Hunter, a Licker, or even just a freaking soldier! Take note that this isn’t all of the time, but I have seen it happen more than once. A.I. enemy problems? Definitely there.

V. Lack of Atmosphere

This is definitely true, but it isn’t always true, and doesn’t always come from the same place or source, let me explain. The atmosphere, setting-wise, starts out great sticking you right in the Umbrella labs chasing down William Birkin in an attempt to get his G-Virus sample. The area is darkly lit, but still bright enough to see everything necessary to effectively enjoy the game, and there are eerie sounds coming from all around the facility, and lovely inserts like B.O.W.s in stasis tanks and dead bodies. But the atmosphere quickly changes from scary to office-building-with-a-few-dead-bodies-in-it, or outside in the city with a few flaming cars or buses and a few of the dead bodies you saw earlier littered around the roads and other main milieus.

Another thing that detracts from the atmosphere is the absence of fear; unlike in the rest of the Resident Evil games where the odds are clearly against you, now they’re just slightly against you. You have: practically unlimited ammo, three other combat experts at your side at all times, powerful weapons (assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, etc.), all that can be replaced by a better, more destructive model of the starting version. Not to mention, all of the characters have special abilities ranging from high-powered explosives, to B.O.W. instant kills, to B.O.W. control. This detracts from the typically nigh unbearable dread that the rest of the series offers.

Next, there is the absence of the threat of zombies, yes, they are there, but they can be easily and quickly dispatched by some handy melee combat with your combat knife and a nice instant kill. But, there’s still the threat of infection, right, well, yes, except that there is a character made to fight specifically with and against that and if your team members do become infected all you need to do is kill them and quickly revive them, that’s it, no consequences. Even the Crimson Heads, one of the monsters in Resident Evil notoriously known for being terrifying as [email protected]&! are toned down quite a bit, for one thing, they sound like seagulls, no joke, which is just stupid, and second, they can be easily dispatched with an instant kill just like any other zombie or soldier.

Finally, there is the completely retarded lighting. It starts out fine with you just being able to see good enough to enjoy the game, as I said about the first level, but it slowly detracts from there, to the ridiculous point where you WILL have to turn your brightness up ALL OF THE WAY in order to effectively get around and see anything useful, like ammo or hidden data collection pick-up items which are necessary for experience accumulation and therefore leveling up, which is crucial. I realized I had to turn up the game’s brightness when I LITERALLY COULD NOT FIND MY WAY OUT OF A ROOM; this was just sad, and very, very irritating. So, the atmosphere is mostly out the window.

VI. Auto Cover

I can’t explain to you how many articles I have read ENDLESSLY complaining about the auto cover system. Yes, it is bad, but when learned, it can be very useful. You will inevitably, unfortunately, find yourself clinging to walls and objects you don’t want to cling to whilst in the middle of collecting items against or near a wall or other object that could be potentially used as cover. This can happen when you’re trying to collect items or even when you’re trying to run from something that’s trying to kill you, which is very annoying and distracting, to say the least… But, when this system is learned correctly, it can be a Godsend, allowing you to dive from cover to cover effortlessly, getting an advantageous position on your opponents. The problem occurs though when you try to fire from behind your position, remember what I said about enemies SPECIFICALLY TARGETING YOUR CHARACTER ONLY, yeah, this comes to be a real pain in the nether region when you’re trying to blind fire or pop out and snipe someone, BECAUSE EVERY ENEMY HAS HIS EYE ON YOU, it’s terribly tedious and becomes very daunting or downright toilsome at times, which, as you can imagine, is not much fun.

VII. Clumsy and Over-Powered Melee

In the original Resident Evil games melee was reserved only for when you were COMPLETELY out of ammo, you’d never use a knife unless you had to, and then you’d ask mercy from God that nothing worse than a zombie or infected crow would attack you (unless you’re one of those crazy people who has beaten the game with just a knife). Not so in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, the knife becomes your best friend and you pull it out every time you’re attacked by only a few zombies or God forbid by a Crimson Head (since that is the only efficient way to kill them). The melee attack is a simple three knife swing combo that can be combed by hitting the directional buttons with swinging in order to hit other enemies around you. This general idea is awesome, on paper, but in practice it is very clumsy because the three hit combo often causes you to push the enemy back from you so far that you cannot perform an instant kill, which is usually the whole reason for using melee combat in this game, and while you can attack in multiple directions at once, starting and stopping melee combat is very slow, which can be very costly to your survival, especially if you’re surrounded by other enemies that can freely attack you. Bottom line, melee is very strong, and could be considered to be overpowered because it can so easily take down a Crimson Head, which are considered some of the strongest and most dangerous enemies in the Resident Evil universe, but beware because it is definitely clumsy when not used correctly, otherwise you can dance circles around your enemies with it.

VIII. Good Multiplayer Faced With Glaringly Pertinent Problems

This is definitely true on both accounts. The multiplayer is said to be very fun and very well done, but there are some problems to be heard of. For instance, when in the multiplayer games, player balance is not taken in to account, so you could have a lvl. 22 player playing with a lvl. 15, a lvl. 10, and a lvl. 1, this isn’t a problem in cooperative multiplayer, in fact, it helps the lower level players upgrade their characters faster, but the problem occurs in versus multiplayer, these huge level disadvantages are no smoothed out at all, it could be if they simply just made all weapons and all level one special skills available to all players, and it would go no higher than that it and it would be no problem, but they don’t, why not Capcom? Instead, you’ll have everyone fighting over Batman (the lvl. 22) to be on their team, and everyone fighting over The Puzzler (the lvl 1) to be as far away from their team as possible. Note, level indicates how many guns and special skills you have unlocked and how high of a level they are, so this can make quite a difference in a team battle. The other glaringly major problem with the multiplayer in this game is that you CANNOT PLAY LOCAL SYSTEM MULTIPLAYER, in other words, you can’t play through it with another friend like in RE 5. This could be a very promising idea because having two sets of friends in the same room playing together could make for an awesome, nigh unstoppable team, being in the same room as the person you’re playing with makes quite a powerful force, try it sometime and you’ll see what I mean.

Well, that’s about it, that’s all of the myths and legends I could think of and have heard about concerning Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, as I said, if there’re any I missed, leave me a comment below and I will try my best to confirm or disprove it for you. The only conclusion I could come to about why so many game reviewers had so many unwarranted problems with the game was because they were given an incomplete version, this happens sometimes, instead of giving game reviewers free games sometimes companies will send them a partially complete product and have them grade that, which is quite a problem, THIS is why. Other than that, I hope this helps you decide if you want to try the game or not, I will be releasing a review of just the campaign later as well as a review of the multiplayer, I will place a link to both in the comments section, hope this helps.

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