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It has been a wild time for World of Tanks, update after update, more and more content has been included and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Yes World of Tanks is in the buzz as of late and many people are starting to know about it. It is on your TV, it is on internet adverts, hell, I swore I even heard an advert about it on the radio once! This game is the red giant that is quickly engulfing and blasting away any other rivals in it’s path. Even LoL isn’t safe! (LoL did lose against it for the best MMO Golden Joystick Award after all.)

Anyway to celebrate it’s fast growing popularity, Games-Tec will give it a little boost…so to speak. As you may have seen on the title, it’ll be a competition.

What kind of competition are we talking about here?

This competition will be a tournament. Two teams will fight each other until one team is victorious as per usual. However the first FIVE  players who are knocked out are out of the tournament. Once the first five are out, the game continues until one team is victorious. The remaining teams will then be split into two, and so on until only two people remain for a 1v1. Depending on how many people want to play will determine the overall length of the tournament.

What happens to the losers?

There are no real losers in this competition. You came here to have fun, and if you haven’t, you’re not a good gamer! But realistically, if you are one of the first to die in the first round, you can either spectate or leave and go back to your garage. However as a bonus, you, along with the four other players to die will be entered into a ‘Loser battle’ against the other players who are knocked out. The winning team will have their name and tank displayed in the ‘Post of Honour’ on the front page of Games-Tec.

But that guy has a Tier six Heavy Tank!

We will try our best so that this scenario doesn't happen.

We will try our best so that this scenario doesn’t happen.

Depending on how many people there are, some games may be split into tier games in order to balance the competition and make everyone’s experience fun. If you’re in a tier four T-50 scout and you’re up against a tier six KV-1S heavy tank, that is still reasonable as you are working as a team and not by yourself. If you go in and kill yourself (Torpedo Scout) then it is your own fault. The objective is kill or be killed.

What if we all just wait it out?

First of all, waiting for 15 minutes is boring. It is giving everyone a bad experience and it annoys everyone (except for the enemy team who gets the upper hand). Secondly if someone is idle from the start or is camping (SPG’s are let off only if they’re firing/aiming) they will be noted down and kicked from the tournament. If everyone is idle, the players will be shot by the referees for a response, if they fail to act, they will be kicked when the game finishes.

So how will this work exactly? What are the Rules?

  • Two teams up to fourteen players per team will be entered into a game. The map will be random and the game mode will be normal. The tiers you use will vary the game. (i.e. low tier games will have their own game whilst the big boys will be in a different game)
  • Two Games-Tec staff members will be in the game acting as referees in order to keep an eye on any rule breaking and noting down which player has been killed first.
  • The highest tier tank you can play as will be at tier VI (6) to keep a fair balance to any newer players
  • Anyone who shoots at a referee on purpose, regardless of team colour will be kicked.
  • Anyone who manages to kill a referee on purpose, regardless of team colour will be kicked.
  • Anyone who shoots or kills a referee on purpose will be shot and killed by the other referee.
  • Some referee’s will be in much higher tier tanks. (e.g. Tier 8′s or 9′s) This is to prevent the previous three rules from happening. (Due to the ricochet effect). Bear in mind that higher tier tanks can easily one-shot lower tier tanks. So no funny business!
  • The winning team survivors will be split with the losing team (or depending on the number of games, the alternate game winning team) to balance fairness and eradicate team tactics as much as possible.
  • Any tank from any country is acceptable, but can only go up to tier 6
  • Don’t worry about uneven team numbers. It can still play out in your favour if you’re in the smaller team.
  • What tank you use is by your digression. If you die quickly due to poor armour, mobility or gun, it is your fault for choosing that tank.
  • You cannot ask or beg a referee to assist you. Referee’s will only shoot at long-time in-actives or if shot at.
  • The final round will be a 1v1. Winner takes all.
  • Hiding or camping in a battle never really solves the problem. You usually end up killed or kicked.

Sounds good to me, what’s the prize?

The prize will most likely be a gift of 2500 gold you can use on World of Tanks. To sum it up, that prize can get you a month of premium on World of Tanks, or a premium tank of your choice! Or if a tank or month of premium doesn’t sound like your thing, you can buy a few garage slots if you desire.

If you don’t play WoT that often, you can alternatively request the Steam prize. A game (or bundle of games) for the same amount offered for the WoT gold prize!

It sounds fun, but what if I’ve never really played World of Tanks before?

World of Tanks is a free to play MMO. All you need to do if you’ve never played is to download it, and install it. Once you’re online, you can fight!

My best solution is to get out there and grind in as many battles as you can and get a better tank ASAP. A tier 6 VK3601H can easily one-shot a tier 1 T1 Cunningham or Ltraktor.

If you insist in joining in a tier 1 or 2 tank, you can still take part, although in the latter stages of the tournament, your chances of winning may be a bit on the slim side. But as I said, it is more to do with the experience rather than the prize. It’s nice to win, but it’s also nice to have a good time playing.

If you want to play along, leave a comment below saying “Sign me up!” along with your World of Tanks username!

Have fun and see you on the battlefield!

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