RollerCoaster Tycoon: Your rollercoaster has broken down. The mechanic cannot be found…

Being a fan of the RollerCoaster Tycoon franchise, I was overwhelmed when the third game came out back in 2004, with it’s all-new 3D graphics engine and ‘CoasterCam’ feature. I wasn’t the only one who found this game exiting either. Many people bought the game, it’s two expansions the year after and for some, the Gold and Platinum editions.

However, that was eight years ago. EIGHT. And there is still no sign of a 4th game being developed. What has happened Atari?

Many fans, (Including myself,) are still waiting for a glimpse of a new release. However, many people were disappointed when the most recent installment happened to be for the 3DS. A somewhat odd angle of attack to the market it may seem, why has RCT gone for a smaller audience who own an inferior gaming system as to a PC? The PC versions (Especially RCT3) show true potential to the game being developed into a much more realistic, felxible and interesting version, allowing the player to create loose track sections instead of the current ‘right-angle’ corners and straight lines, as most realistic rollercoasters are more curved and loose.

Pathways could be curved instead of square and rides could become much more complex as to what they are in real life. Even the scenery could become fully customisable if Atari and Chris Sawyer develop another game in a much more

detailed and realisitc manner.

But why are we waiting? We should be on RollerCoaster Tycoon 5 by now! It didn’t take long to re-develop RCT3 from it’s predecessors back between 2002-2004. So why the delay?

I just hope its something bigger, badder and much more realistic. I’ve spent ages trying to re-create my favourite rollercoasters on RCT3 and it’s still not the same. Especially when its only got restricted parts and comes without the right scenery.

Get it together Atari! We still want another one!

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