Saints Row: The Third – Review

Before I give my review, I have been a fan of this series since Saints Row 1, which was an Xbox exclusive, and I had to wait until Sunday for my friend to bring his Xbox and copy of the game over in order for me to play it. I fell in over with the customizability in SR1, all the hairstyles, tattoos, clothing, along with the facial and body structuring of characters. The same goes for Saints Row 2, and here we are at Saints Row 3.

To start out the game, you are thrown straight into the action, and not really told what to do. Although, since there are people shooting at you who are dead in front of you, I guess it’s pretty obvious.

The controls to the game aren’t made entirely clear in game at times, and sometimes you are taught how to do something a little after you needed. But the game provided an in-game control scheme within the pause menu, so I suggest you look at that before shooting people into oblivion.

After a few insane missions to introduce you to the game, you have free will, and free roaming which is to be expected of a sandbox game such as this. From sliding on pedestrian’s spines, grinding their face into the floor, to dancing on top of a parked car with old biddies cheering you on, the game has pretty much anything you wish to do in reality in this game.

Returning to the topic of missions, during a certain point in the game, you are introduced (or re-introduced, if you played the previous instalment of Saints Row) to the ‘Activities’. Because of the many variations on Activities, there are many of these introduction missions, and this part of the game gets a little stale. Although towards the end, you do get to throw yourself in front of traffic, and ride around with a tiger. Unfortunately, he is not yours to keep.

Moving on to the play of the game, it plays a lot like previous SR’s, fast-paced, don’t give a hoot fun, shooting up stores and diving out of helicopters while listening to Kanye West. Something the previous games had were many tonnes of customization, I find that in this instalment, that is lacking compared to the last game, and takes away from the fun you could have by playing through missions as a pirate with a suit. But playing as a bunny rabbit with spandex is equally satisfying.

Once you complete the game, you have the activities to finish, the stores to buy, and the upgrades to get. Because of the sheer amount of stuff you can do, this doesn’t feel like a grind. However, the Activities from Medium to Hard are very frustrating, I find. Medium is bearable in difficulty, but on certain Activities, it is a pain in the arse. Hard level Snatch, for example, is the most irritating, more so because the people you have to pick up tend to run towards gunfire rather than away from it. They are also the type of people that would sit in the middle of the A470 until somebody whistled for them.

But, occasionally stupid A.I. aside, this game is, in its own right, a very open, college humour game. It has toilet humour, slapstick humour, sarcastic humour, silly humour and every genitalia joke under the sun. What it doesn’t have is full and complete customization, clear instructions, and smart whores. But, if you can get past that, like I can, this game is very enjoyable and if that isn’t enough for you, this game contains Burt Reynolds.

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